Ducey: Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner!

04 Jan 2016 06:41 pm
Posted by: Donna

HooverNo, this isn’t Governor Doug Ducey. It’s President Herbert Hoover. But same shit, different century.

It appears the efforts of Governor Doug Ducey and his communications people to enforce mandatory optimism are working, judging from this recent piece in the Arizona Capitol Times about the governor’s first year in office:

Remaking Arizona: Ducey’s free-market approach succeeds in year one

It would be difficult to imagine a more successful first year for Arizona’s 23rd governor.

Gov. Doug Ducey took office with two severe problems requiring immediate attention: a massive budget deficit and a K-12 funding lawsuit that threatened to drop Arizona even further into the fiscal hole. He set out to find an early resolution to the first and ended his first year by mediating a solution to the second. In the intervening months, he stayed active, putting his conservative, free-market imprimatur on state government.

Since the moment Ducey took the dais for his first State of the State address, the new governor has achieved most of the goals he set for his administration. And, in a departure from the rancor between lawmakers and the executive branch that so often characterized former Gov. Jan Brewer’s administration, he did so with legislative leadership by his side.

With an administration packaged in a slick public relations campaign and slogans like “opportunity for all” and “government at the speed of business,” Ducey set out to remake Arizona.

“Ten out of 10,” was how lobbyist Kurt Davis, a veteran of former Gov. Fife Symington’s administration, characterized Ducey’s first year. “To be able to come in and establish and confront a very difficult budget … and then have to turn around and solve a multiyear education lawsuit and figure out how to pay for that, those are two substantial achievements. And all during that time you’re appointing people to head your agencies and beginning to put your imprimatur on how the government’s going to look.”

Actually, there wasn’t a whole lot of rancor between Governor Brewer and the GOP majority lege in her first year either, when SB1070 got passed quicker than crap goes through a goose so give that time, Cap Times. That aside, it’s fascinating to watch the Arizona Villagers insist that everything is just peachy under Governor Hoover, I mean Ducey. That education deal? Ignore how it requires voter approval and even then keeps the state at the bottom of the nation in education funding! That budget? Well, I guess it’s only “harsh” if you are one of those poor children whining about how your family’s assistance got cut. Or how the abuse or neglect you are suffering isn’t being addressed. If you are a disconnected (meaning not employed or attending school) young person between 16 and 24 in one of our urban areas, then you must not have a full appreciation of government at the speed of business, or something.

I know, I’m being such a negative nabob. Just keep repeating “Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner!” and it will be true.

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  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on January 5, 2016 1:34 pm

    Jaysus, Duda! Get off your knees! Go do that in private.
    (I hear more kool-aid helps with the taste)

    Troof. The first time I skimmed thru it, I thought this sycophantic slobbering was written by one of Ducey’s more obnoxiously obsequious staffers.

    Sorry Duda, putting your delusions in print doesn’t make them real. Dark Money Doug is not the white hat you hope he is. The only state Ducey really cares for is the state of his political career. He wants McCains spot, so he’s only going to make token gestures and huff and puff, but he won’t do anything to endanger the GOP public monies trough.

    Remember all the gawdam time it took for Brewer to get the machine in order after that gawdam Napolitano??!!
    No morea that fiduciary responsibility crap if Ducey knows what’s good for him.

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