Former legislator and gun totin’ failed Congressional candidate Pamela Gorman slags off on teachers on Facebook. For the children.

17 Feb 2011 07:50 pm
Posted by: Donna


I just heard that schools in WI are considering closing because the “teachers gone wild” would rather protest than teach and school officials feel the campuses aren’t safe with as many as 40% calling in “sick” and then showing up to chant at the state capitol…

I would love to see someone step up with a “Students First” effort there that declares an emergency and allows non-certified experts in their fields to take over the classrooms and fire the teachers who can’t produce a doctor’s note for their “illness.” These teachers have clearly forgotten about students’ education as their prime directive. With unemployment what it is, I am sure there are some amazingly talented folks who would love to shape young minds and really teach these kids who are the forgotten collateral damage in the union war being waged there against taxpayers.

Kudos to the educators that stayed at work and have put the students’ educational needs as your top priority! As an aside… I wonder if the teachers who left these good solid educators holding down the fort, while they run off to play political activist during work hours, have considered the extra burden on their colleagues in their absence?!

Here’s some straight talk to the absent teachers: If you lie about being sick and get caught, that is grounds for dismissal in any job. But in education, your students are your only project that your “customers” (parents and taxpayers) pay you for. Get back to the job you are being paid for, or you will be fired. There are hundreds of out-of-work Wisconsin citizens who are far more qualified to teach your subject matter waiting to take your jobs if you don’t want them.

Does Gorman, the mother of a teenage son, feel that anyone with a college degree is qualified to teach him? Her idea of “Students First” is to replace their trained teachers with random unemployed people? Because that’s what those substitute teachers would be. The “experts in their field” in education are the teachers. I’d also like to see her test her theory personally. How do you think Gorman would fare before a classroom of learning disabled or ESL eighth graders? My bet is she wouldn’t last a day.


  1. Comment by Diane D'Angelo on February 17, 2011 8:14 pm

    Kaw! I was wondering what God’s gift to the West Valley has been up to….Oh, and Donna — aren’t you aware that a trained chimp could be a teacher? No? You’re such a socialist…

  2. Comment by dude on February 23, 2011 11:33 pm

    It strikes me that Gorman thinks teachers could easily be replaced with construction workers because she doesn’t know how difficult either job actually is.

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