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03 May 2016 02:52 pm
Posted by: Donna

One of the most telling comments I got to a post on this blog was one from a then-frequent troll, “Alan”, about then-Governor Jan Brewer cutting funding to the Medicaid organ transplant program under the guise of the recession. The cuts to the program left several patients who were on the waiting list and days or even hours away from receiving an organ with no coverage for the procedure and facing certain death. Like many others, I expressed my outrage over it and admonished the “pro-life” Brewer to consider the gravity of what she was doing.

Here’s what anti-choicer “Alan” had to say to that:

What do organ transplants have to do with life?

What, indeed?

I remembered that when I saw this exchange between Arizona Daily Star reporter Tim Stellar and “pro-life” Center For Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod as state budget negotiations take place today:

You can’t make this stuff up. Of course, Herrod has taken no position on providing health care to children from low income families in Arizona. Why would she? Her main motivation is punishing poor women for having sex, ergo her indifference (which is possibly a cover for her inner glee) at the prospect of their children dying from treatable or preventable conditions. Because she is terrible.

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