Going to Iowa!

31 Dec 2007 01:53 pm
Posted by: Pam

We Democrats have a historic opportunity here.  We have several very well-qualified Democrats running great campaigns for President.  This year really is not about choosing “the lesser of two evils” — I am so proud of the field we have and would be happy with any one of the candidates (well, maybe not Gravel).

But for me, one candidate in particular really has me excited.  Hillary Clinton is really amazing and will make a terrific President — as well as being our first woman in that role.  As some of you know, I am all about amplifying women’s voices in the political process — it’s the reason Arizona List exsts.  And personally, I’ve worked my entire life to elect a woman President, starting with volunteering on Shirley Chisholm’s race in 1972.

I’ve been watching the early primaries and caucuses quite closely.  Iowa is still an even contest between Clinton, Edwards and Obama, and every little bit can help.  Iowa (January 3) will also provide the momentum for the winning candidates, that will help with both the New Hampshire primary (January 8) and then the “Tsunami Tuesday” states on February 5 which include Arizona.  It’s important for Hillary Clinton to do well in Iowa. 

Caucuses are complicated.  There are about 1800 caucuses scheduled to happen in Iowa on Thursday night, and in order to win, each campaign has to motivate registered voters to attend the caucus in their precinct on a cold winter night and then stand up and be counted.  Much more complicated than the solitary and private act of casting a vote in a primary election!

Four out of five women who are eligible to attend a caucus in Iowa don’t go, according to EMILY’s List.  EMILY’s List launched an effort earlier this year to make the caucus-going experience less mysterious and easier for women.  See, www.YouGoGirl.com.

I went to Des Moines, Iowa four years ago to volunteer on John Edwards campaign, and it was a great experience.  The Edwards campaign was focusing on the quality of contact with caucus-goers, which meant volunteers were calling the same voters we were then door-knocking and writing notes to.  By the time caucus day came around, quite a few of us out-of-towners had good relationships with blocks of voters. 

So in a fit of political passion, I went ahead and bought a “vacation package” to Iowa, leaving tomorrow morning.  (The descripion is Expedia.com’s, not mine!)  I’m going to Davenport, Iowa, which is right on the Mississippi and is where my husband’s grandfather immigrated to from Russia. 

Between it being Iowa and a campaign with the benefit of such geniuses as Ellen Malcolm and Bill Clinton, it seemed like there would be a lot of learn.  I am also thrilled at the chance to help elect our first woman President!  I’ll be posting on this blog from Iowa and will even try to upload some photos as it goes.

Hope you enjoy it!


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