Goldwater Institute “impact on liberty” legislative report card ignores women’s and LGBT rights, shockingly.

25 Aug 2011 12:34 am
Posted by: Donna

Yes, of course.

Engaged citizens make for good governments. That’s the central idea behind the ninth annual Goldwater Institute Legislative Report Card, which takes into account 375 votes during the first session of Arizona’s fiftieth legislature. The result is a citizen-friendly tool for evaluating legislators’ votes against a simple, important standard: their impact on liberty.

Each of the 375 votes taken by the Legislature was classified into one of four categories: education, constitutional government, regulations, and tax and budget. Each bill was then further assessed on its impact, with bills receiving “high impact,” “moderate impact,” and “incremental impact” scores. The results are tallied into percentage scores with letter grades.

Letter grades, charts, and lots of wonky blah blah plus evaluation of the financing (public vs traditional) of politicians in their campaigns.

The report card also compared citizen-funded candidates and government-funded candidates. As in past years, the data shows no discernable connection between the source of campaign financing and scores received.

What I was interested in was how GI’s report card stacked up against Center for Arizona Policy’s.

Of the 21 bills CAP supported, GI included 9 in their report card, all of which they rated favorably:

SB 1482 – Judicial selection

SB1553 – “Empowerment scholarship accounts”

SB1298 – Requires parental consent for pharmacists to administer immunizations

SB1186 – Tax credits to School Tuition Organizations

SB1288 – Religious freedom

Here are some of the CAP bills that GI didn’t see fit to weigh in on:

HB2416 – Woman forced to view an ultrasound prior to abortion. Rural women have to travel several hours to meet with a doctor to get an abortion pill.

HB2384 – No public funds to universities for abortion training. No Working Poor tax credits to nonprofits that provide abortion referrals (no matter what other services they also provide).

SB1030 – Physician’s assistants can’t provide abortion medication.

SB1188 – “Requires marital status to be considered in adoption
placements and establishes a preference for children to be adopted by
a married man and woman when all other relevant factors are equal.”

SB1187 – Allows a spouse to delay divorce proceedings.

Yep, women’s and gay rights don’t figure into the Goldwater Institute’s concept of “liberty” at all. But rest assured, rich white dudes, GI has your back on firearms, fireworks, and regulatory freedom!

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