GOP strategists in AZ know something important about the voters in Arizona. The rest of us should pay attention.

25 Oct 2010 05:16 pm
Posted by: Donna

“Arizona is a conservative state and recent elections prove that it’s moving even more to the right.”

So the Republican pundits, the local news establishment, and even some Democratic observers tell me. It must be the case, because, look! Those kooky right wing Republicans keep getting elected!

Really? This persistent meme ignores the fact that Arizona voters reelected Janet Napolitano by a substantial majority in 2006. Arizonans have approved medical marijuana in the past and may do so again next week. They expanded Medicaid in 2000, approved First Things First (early childhood programs) in 2006, and gave themselves a sales tax increase just a few months ago to save some funding for the schools.

Buncha Rand Pauls and Sharron Angles, I tells ya.

Maybe not. If that were the case then if you were, say, an unelected Arizona Governor who had the strong support of such organizations as the Right To Life, the Center for Arizona Policy (hardcore social conservatives), and the NRA then wouldn’t you be touting those endorsements on your campaign website? Especially in a state as supposedly hard right as Arizona? You’d think.

But you’d be wrong. God, Gays, ‘n Guns are curiously absent from Jan’s “issues”. That’s odd, considering how Brewer signed into law tough measures on abortion this past session. She also gave the nod to guns in bars and concealed carry without a permit. One of her first acts as Governor was to strip state government employees of same-sex partner benefits. Why aren’t those legislative accomplishments featuring prominently in her campaign?

Brewer’s site does devote an entire section to a defense of the Prop 100 sales tax.

So we’re supposed to believe that Jan Brewer is favored to win because Arizona is big old Christine O’Donnell Fan Club. That’s why Brewer’s handlers seem intent on portraying her as a moderate. Yeah right.

Same goes with Ken Bennett, Tom Horne, and the rest of the GOP statewide slate. The electorate of Arizona is sooooooo far to the right that you have to downplay social conservatism while (in the case of Brewer) reminding them that you were for a tax increase to get elected statewide as a Republican here.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Zelph for reminding me that AZ voters also supported an increase to the state’s minimum wage in 2006.


  1. Comment by Truth08 on October 25, 2010 7:44 pm

    Forgot to mention Donna, these types are also predicting the landslide loss of Grijalva’s seat?

    I have blogged many times, and even ask those if they are willing to wager, yet none seem to stand behind this statement?….Why so??

    Maybe it has something to do with your accurate characterization of the Rand Paul types?


  2. Comment by Zelph on October 25, 2010 10:04 pm

    Arizona voters also passed an increase in the state minimum wage and passed a statewide increase in the sales tax to fund education. Both of these measures won in some of the most conservative districts in the state. It the Democratic party had the guts to push it, an Oregon-style increase in income tax for upper income folks would likely pass also.

  3. Comment by Zelph on October 25, 2010 10:11 pm

    BTW I was told by one of the top campaign staffers for a major Arizona Democratic candidate that, if I don’t like Blue Dogs, I should move to another state, because that’s the only kind of Democrats that are electable in AZ. He did grant that “minority-majority” districts like Pastor’s and Grijalva’s were exceptions to the rule.

  4. Comment by Appleblossom on October 25, 2010 10:43 pm

    State wide we are much more liberal but district wide, not so much.

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