GOP: Tax dodging is for patriots. Some Democrats agree. Clarence Thomas continues to be a tool.

02 Oct 2007 11:07 pm
Posted by: Donna

I awoke this morning , to what appeared to be an unremarkable day. Schlepped to the kitchen for coffee, and fired up the laptop. It was then that I saw a sight that warmed the cockles of my cynical heart. On one of my fave political blogs there was this: “Dem Congressman wants to raise taxes to pay for war. On C-SPAN now!” Sure enough House Appropriations Committee Chair David Obey, Jack Murtha, and Jim McGovern were cosponsoring a bill to level a surcharge to pay for the Iraq occupation. link It’s like they’re finally reading my mind!

The extra tax would range from 2% on working class people to 15% on the very wealthy. The Republicans responded with their characteristic plutocratic pearl clutching. The Democrat Party (sic) wants to raise your taxes! Intoned White House Spokespixie Dana Perino: “We’ve always known that Democrats seem to revert to type, and they are willing to raise taxes on just about anything,” She went on to say, “And that is like, so totally bogus. Wars are for, like, regular people and their grandkids to deal with. They fight them and get saddled with debt to pay for them. I mean, duh!” No really, she didn’t say that. She blathered something about how trickle-down-starve-the-beast-drown-government-in-a-bathtub voodoo Bushonomics will somehow lead to surpluses.

It’s got about as much chance of passing as Britney does of getting an Oscar for directing Lindsay in a Merchant Ivory film. Nancy Pelosi quickly announced that she opposed it and I don’t see Harry Mitchell voting for it in this affluent district. It’s similar to Rangel’s draft bill, but a tad more anathemic to the haves. They know they can get their little cherubs out of a military draft, but avoiding a war surtax might be harder. That’s why I like it so much.

And on the radio today, a caller had an even better suggestion: War bonds. Except they’d be called Iraq Freedom Bonds. Perfect! They would enable less well-heeled Bushbots to pitch in for the Noble Cause. With the surtax and the Iraq Freedom Bonds, we’d be funding the war just like we did in WW2. When the rich got taxed and everyone else bought bonds. Which would make us a bunch of socialist commies who hate America, according to the GOP.

As for Justice Thomas, he has a new autobiography. In it, he portrays himself as a victim of haters who are jealous of his plucky boot-strap pulling self. And he trashes Anita Hill. Ooh, very brave of him, 16 years later. (BTW Hill took and passed a polygraph about the allegations. Thomas refused to take one.)

All I’m saying is, the next Dem President is going to make at least one selection to SCOTUS. Anita Hill is a venerated professor of law. She’d be a fine addition to that body. Besides, the look on Thomas’s smug face when he learned of her nomination would be worth it.

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