Gullett is right not to underestimate the new Tea Party Mayoral candidate

13 May 2011 05:03 pm
Posted by: Donna

Jennifer Wright, an attorney who describes herself as a longtime Tea Party member, has entered the Phoenix Mayor race. New Times reporter Monica Alonzo posted the email that a clearly alarmed Wes Gullett sent to some of her supporters:


I have been giving a lot of consideration to the excitement about Jennifer Wright entering the race for Mayor. She participated in a forum with Mrs. Neely and me last night. I was impressed with her energy and enthusiasm but she lacks depth of understanding on the issues and entering the race this late is clearly a disadvantage to her. My concern is that her candidacy makes it much more likely that a member of the city council will be elected Mayor. I know that I am not the perfect candidate for the three of you, however, if the objective is to elect a Mayor who has not been on the council and a Mayor who will make fundamental changes in the way our city government is conducted, then the best opportunity to accomplish that goal is supporting my candidacy. Jennifer will cost me votes. In my opinion she cannot get to the runoff. I can get to the runoff and win the November election. But, Jennifer’s candidacy makes it more difficult to get to the runoff and will make it harder to win the runoff. I
hope that you can support me and will talk to Jennifer about her realistic chances of winning. With her in the race Greg Stanton’s chances of winning increase significantly.

Thank you for your consideration,

Wes Gullett

Wes is blatantly concern trolling here, but he is right that Jennifer Wright is going to take a lot of votes. However, I’d go even further than he does and suggest that she could beat all three Republicans. While it looks like the Tea Party is on the wane nationally, they are still a tangible enough force here to amass a hard right voting bloc big enough to eclipse Neely, Mattox, and Gullett. And Jennifer Wright is a nice, comforting female name. Don’t discount that. I predict this off-year citywide race attracts two kinds of voters: Really, really high information ones that pay attention to the minutiae of city governance and really, really low information ones who barely know who the current mayor is and will mark the ballot for the least weird name. The nicest names on the ballot are Jennifer Wright and Greg Stanton. This is good for Greg because he gets more of the wonk vote and good for Jennifer because she gets the female bump plus the nice name vote.

Yeah, if I were Wes (or Claude or Peggy) I’d be worried.


  1. Comment by Mary on May 13, 2011 6:06 pm

    Greg Stanton is clearly going to win!!!!!

  2. Comment by meh on May 16, 2011 7:41 am

    an establishment republican lobbyist afraid of some barely informed teabagger drone?

    sweet zombie beiber, wes is even less good at actual politics than I thought.

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