Happy Halloween. This year I’m going as a walking bruised ego.

31 Oct 2007 06:26 pm
Posted by: Donna


So there I am in the dressing room of a local department store, trying on various muu muus.  I’ve put on a few pounds – not enough to be noticeable to most people but enough that my clothes are a smidge on the snug side (okay maybe a little more than a smidge) but I’m not ready to admit defeat and settle into a larger size.  Thankfully, the proliferation of lycra and the perennial persistence of the stretchy wrap dress (size medium) as a fashion staple allow me to indulge my denial for a bit longer.  

As I’m narrowing my choice between 3 mostly similar wrap muu muus, my cellphone rings.  On the other end is a young man who has a promising political future ahead of him.  That is, if he learns to refrain from saying things like the following: 

“Uh, Donna, I just called to let you know that I won’t be needing you to head that committee for me.  I was talking to some people who were kinda, you know, ‘in the know’ and they told me I should give that position to someone more high profile.”    

‘Mkay thanks.   I felt like pointing out to him that since I was already trying on The Muu Muus of Self-Delusion, there was really no need to take me down a peg.

High profile is all relative anyway.   My dogs think I’m God.   

But seriously, we Democrats wonder why ‘regular’ people feel alienated by politics.   I got a good inkling of why that might be in the dressing room today.   I have no doubt that the young man will go on to campaign as a Regular Joe.  You know, he understands YOUR issues because he’s no political insider!   Honestly, I think that’s an accurate description of him, based on what I know of him and also because I don’t think a slick political hack would be so brutally candid about why I was being rejected.  It was a rookie mistake.   Ultimately, the exchange saddened me because I foresee that he won’t be making those mistakes anymore once the machine finishes molding him.   He’ll be more smoothly tactful in the way he excludes the non-powerful. 




  1. Comment by Daniel Patterson on October 31, 2007 9:40 pm

    Donna — Too bad for him. I’d love to have your high-profile support for my popular campaign for the Arizona House.

    Daniel Patterson (D-LD29)

  2. Comment by Donna on November 1, 2007 9:46 pm

    You got it! Have you filed yet? Where can I send my non-impressive campaign contribution?

  3. Comment by Daniel Patterson on November 2, 2007 4:00 pm

    Yes, I’m in to win.

    Contributions (max $130 per person) to: Daniel Patterson for Arizona House, POB 172, Tucson AZ 85702

    Thanks, Daniel

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