Here’s a shock.

21 Feb 2009 04:33 pm
Posted by: Donna

It’s gotten to be as inevitable as the sun rising in the east, but yet another conservative “grassroots” group has been outed as astroturf. 

Oil money is behind the so-called ‘anti-stimulus movement’.

Who is Americans for Prosperity? According to, the group was founded in 2003 with money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, which is run by the billionaires behind Kansas-based Koch Industries — the nation’s largest privately held oil and gas company. Media Transparency reports that the group gets substantial financial support from the Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation, another one of the Koch family foundations.

Why would an organization funded by oil and gas interests be hostile to the economic stimulus plan?

Could it be the $50 billion the bill offers for more sustainable energy alternatives?

Could be.

But hey, at least there are some people in the world who are taking the development of renewable energy seriously.

So even as President-elect Barack Obama talks about promoting green jobs as America’s route out of recession, gulf states, including the emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are making a concerted push to become the Silicon Valley of alternative energy.

They are aggressively pouring billions of dollars made in the oil fields into new green technologies. They are establishing billion-dollar clean-technology investment funds. And they are putting millions of dollars behind research projects at universities from California to Boston to London, and setting up green research parks at home.

Way to go, 400,000 geniuses who signed the Americans For Prosperity No Stimulus Petition, and all you other renewable energy naysayers too. Real American heroes, you are.

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