Hey kids! Looking for journalism opportunities? The Koch bros. have one for you!

28 Nov 2010 07:42 pm
Posted by: Donna

I got a Facebook message from one of my peeps a couple of days ago and I just read it today on account of today is when I decided to read my rapidly-piling-up messages – honestly, how many times do you need to remind me of your upcoming Fundraiser For Homeless Dogs? But there were some direct messages too and one was from a friend of mine, a freelance writer, who alerted me to a Craiglist job posting under writing jobs. It’s from an outfit called The Institute for Humane Studies and they are looking for budding and eager Koch suckers uh, I mean “liberty promoters”.

Promote Liberty Through a Paid Journalism Internship-DEADLINE 1/31

Date: 2010-11-15, 8:40AM MST
Reply to: see below

Why make coffee when you can make headlines?

The Institute for Humane Studies offers paid journalism internships for talented writers who support individual liberty, free markets, and peace. Internship hosts include newspapers, media networks, new media firms, and nonprofit, investigative newsrooms. Apply today for a spring or summer internship.

Past hosts have included Fox Business News, the Daily Caller, CalWatchdog, and the DC Examiner. Applicants are matched with a news organization based on the applicant’s interest and skills and the needs of the organization. Applicants may also secure their own unpaid internship and apply to our program for funding.

During the program, interns learn essential reporting skills so they can publish and break quality stories about compelling issues. Editors help interns identify sources and ask the right questions. Interns end the program with a portfolio of clips and an extensive professional network.

The internship program provides a stipend and travel allowance. Plus all interns attend a weeklong workshop during the summer, where journalists share career stories and advice, and professors explain policy analysis tips, working with statistics, and the origins of freedom of the press. During and after the internship, the program director helps interns navigate a job search.

Ideal candidates are excellent writers interested in advancing liberty through stories about wasteful government programs, restrictions on civil liberties, collusion between government and business, and other topics. Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates of all majors, including political science and economics, are encouraged to apply.

Application materials must be submitted through http://www.TheIHS.org/phoenixjournalism.

Spring Internship – Nov 15
Summer Internship – Jan 31

Apply today. http://www.TheIHS.org/phoenixjournalism

Note how “collusion between government and business” is positioned as a threat to liberty, whereas there’s no worry about collusion between big business interests and academia or the Fourth Estate. Then again, the blurring of such distinctions is kinda the whole point of this internship, isn’t it?

Deadline is Jan 31st and you’ll get a stipend and travel expenses!

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  1. Comment by Eli_Blake on December 2, 2010 4:59 pm

    However it is worth pointing out that one reason why the right wing has developed such a large ‘independent’ organization to spread their alternative worldview around is that they have taken the time and spent the money to foster the development of think tanks, conservative ‘media’ outlets and even paying for intensive training sessions for conservative media specialists.

    At some point we have to figure out (given that we don’t have that kind of money) what we can do to promote progressives into positions of visibility in the media, whether it be existing media or the promotion of progressive media outlets.

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