Horrid anti-choice bill passes, to little attention

10 Apr 2014 12:28 pm
Posted by: Donna

Well, at least Howie Fischer covered it.

Citing everything from protecting women’s health to God’s opposition to the procedure, state senators gave final approval Wednesday to legislation allowing unannounced warrantless inspection of abortion clinics.

The 17-13 party-line voice vote came after extensive debate about not just whether the law is needed but whether it is really designed to harass abortion providers and their patients. The House already has approved the measure, meaning it now goes to Gov. Jan Brewer.

Brewer said Wednesday she never comments on legislation until she sees it. The governor conceded to Capitol Media Services, though, she has signed every new abortion restriction ever sent to her.

“I am pro-life and I believe that we have done a good job in Arizona,” she said.

Yes, she is likely to sign it and, obviously, the people behind it simply want to harass abortion providers and patients. That’s why Sen. David Farnsworth described abortion as “a slap in the face to God” to defend a bill that ostensibly makes abortion safer.

Yes, the Capitol lawn was absent of crowds when this vote took place. I’m loath to cast blame on liberal activists in Arizona, for they can certainly would, and have, amassed people to protest anti-choice measures. It’s just that there’s such a relentless barrage of this anti-choice stuff – chipping away at women’s rights over their bodies under the guise of “safety” – coming out of the state legislature that liberals cannot keep up with all of it. And as I’ve said before, reproductive rights – being about female sexuality as they are – make for the perfect peace offering in the culture wars so don’t ever expect the business community to object to any anti-choice law, no matter how heinous. They’ll silently let Brewer sign this. She’s a reactionary right winger who’s been steered into doing a few things she probably didn’t like so they have to give her something. Ladies will have to take one for the team.

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