How I helped “steal” California for Hillary Clinton

10 Jun 2016 02:53 am
Posted by: Donna

Joanna Castle Miller’s post on the shyness of Hillary Clinton supporters has gone viral:

joanna castle post

The point in the last paragraph about no obvious support for Clinton on social media also describes the basis upon which I’ve seen people posit that she must be stealing the election. “I don’t know anyone who supports her!”, declares more than one Bernie supporting dudebro I have encountered, failing to even consider that there may be a reason no one willingly admits their Hillary support to them. It may have to do with their own behavior and not the “election theft” they insist is incontrovertibly proven through the confirmation bias provided by the people they know.

I decided to travel to San Diego last Thursday through this past Tuesday to volunteer for the Clinton campaign there, though I was well aware that June 7th California would probably not decide the winner of the Democratic primary (that die was cast back when South Carolina voted, frankly). I just felt that a decisive win there was important for Clinton to go the convention in July with all doubt removed that she had won. And it was important for my own sake. I wanted to be in the physical presence of people who were as excited for Hillary Clinton as I have grown to be (escaping what was predicted to be a few days of 110+ degree Phoenix weather did not hurt either). I was not disappointed!

The downtown San Diego office was not as hidden away as the one Castle Miller described. It was right there on 1st Avenue, across from the Planned Parenthood (yay!), and festooned with signs. The walls were covered in hand drawn signs and drawings of “Madame President”, and the place was brimming with enthusiastic volunteers and staffers. I spent my first full day there (Friday), putting packets together and making volunteer recruitment calls.

But maybe I was mistaken about the joie de vivre at the San Diego office. Perhaps a change of venue would set me straight on the real story behind Hillary Clinton’s inexplicable election successes.

I was asked to help at the Chula Vista staging location on Saturday and Sunday. Chula Vista is a city a few miles south of San Diego proper, a heavily Hispanic working class community. Aha! This might where the real “stealing” of the election in San Diego County would take place! We volunteer canvass coordinators congregated at the home of corrupt oligarchic Mayor Mary Salas, a cheery grandma (who didn’t look a day over fifty to me but who somehow has a 48 year old daughter) well known and beloved in the area. Mary, a social worker, got her start in election rigging by being elected as the first Latina to the Chula Vista City Council in 1996, thus beginning a two-decade career in crooked activities such as advocating for preschool for all children, veterans’ interests, and public health and safety.

Mayor Salas’ place was obviously the perfect base from which to launch Hillary’s plot to subvert democracy in Southern California. Fiendishly, we used such unsavory means as “knocking on doors” and “phone calls” to communicate directly to voters, letting them know where they should vote and the hours the polls would be open, like the corporatist election fraud perpetrating monsters we were. Unbelievably, volunteers showed up by the dozens to do this dirty, underhanded pandering at our behest!

Several of the volunteers who participated were clearly cronies of the corrupt Mayor Salas. These Hispanic ladies in their 50s and 60s were obviously in the tank for Wall Street and Big Oil/Pharma/Whatever, as they erupted in cheers when the Puerto Rico primary results were called on Sunday. That must be the reason for it, as no one has ever been enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton, ever.

I was called back to the San Diego downtown office Monday and Tuesday, where I encountered an even larger throng of people acting strangely excited for Hillary Clinton. As in Chula Vista, these low information DNC drones demanded to knock on doors and make phone calls to voters too, in flagrant disregard of how numbers of attendees at rallies, t-shirts, signs, and bumper stickers are well-established predictors of electoral success (just ask President Ron Paul about that).

Let’s not forget how the AP coronated Hillary Clinton as the winner of the Democratic nomination the day before the June 7 primaries. Sure, AP claimed to use “the number of delegates”, both won in primary contests and confirmed by super delegates, to arrive at this conclusion. And no one at Hillary Election Theft Central In San Diego was happy about it, as far as I could tell. They seemed to think that the announcement might dampen voter turnout in general, including on their side.

But I learned on social media that, yes, Hillary colluded with the media that loves her so much in this announcement. Because of course it happened like that.

Ultimately, Clinton prevailed in four of the six states that held Democratic elections on Tuesday. I have to say that the six hour drive each way I made in my 2002 Honda Accord (luxury vehicle of establishment-types everywhere!) was worth it. I’m very proud of the role I played in helping Hillary Clinton “rig” the California primary, through actual votes.

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  1. Comment by Elizabeth on June 10, 2016 11:37 am

    Chula Vista is my home town and I am so glad they treated you right!

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