Huppenthal did drop by Democratic Diva a time or two

19 Jun 2014 01:53 pm
Posted by: Donna

Sorry for the lack of posts for several days. The site has had some issues which we hope have been resolved. In the meantime, I have been posting over at Blog for AZ and I strongly recommend that y’all pop over there if you’re not up to date on the Huppenthal trolling fiasco.

AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal has been revealed as a big old internet troll and my friend Bob Lord, whom I blog with at Blog for Arizona, is the one who broke the story. Here’s Bob being interviewed on Channel 5 Wednesday night, in a report that led the 10 pm broadcast.


Don’t forget all us little people, Bob, you media sensation! It was neat how this blog was mentioned on the segment and Hupp has popped into the comments section about a dozen times over the past few years, most often under the Falcon09 nom-de-sockpuppet. I will say that the stuff he posted has been fairly innocuous, with the exception of this comment to a post I did shortly after the Tucson mass shooting in January 2011:

Jared (Loughner) was a “fervent” atheist, smoked pot “daily” and his beliefs were described as “leftist”. Bill Ayers, the President’s mentor, is the CEO of the school activist program running at Jared’s high school ,which Jared participated in.

Want to connect some more dots?

That short statement has it all: Derailing from the issue of guns and lack of health care, insinuation that atheists are bad people, Reefer Madness, and conspiracy theory about the President. If Huppenthal really believes what he wrote there – and according to his own statement about his posting history he posted on blogs out of a sincere desire to enlighten and further public discourse – then he is maybe a tad too paranoid to be the top person in charge of Arizona schools. And no, it’s not “just joking” and it’s not “taken out of context”.


  1. Comment by Tom Prezelski on June 20, 2014 8:51 am

    To say nothing about his patronizing assertion that you owed him thanks for the fact that you had a job. Remember that one?

  2. Comment by Bob Loblaw on June 21, 2014 9:41 am

    Tis a shame. If Huppenthal stops dropping by, is that like a 60% traffic drop for you?

    On the bright side, that’s more time you can spend in the kitchen.

  3. Comment by Bob Loblaw on June 21, 2014 10:10 am

    If Bob Lord is your friend, you’re really scraping the bottom. Lord is a hack, and his conduct in 2008 CD-3 is proof enough.

  4. Comment by John Gallagher on June 23, 2014 9:34 pm

    Is Bob Loblaw another Huppenthal sockpuppet, or is this just a case of arrested development?

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