I know I’m biased…

07 Nov 2007 08:57 pm
Posted by: Krista

…but I still try to look at both sides of every issue, and I often see good points for both.  I’m so sorry that Laura Pastor lost the city council race.  However, when I read the story in the AZ Republic, I was more horrified by some of the comments than by the results (OK, I was horrified by those, too). 

Is this another case of people hiding behind anonymity and letting their negative side run amuck?  Some of the comments were productive, sincere, and constructive, but the ones that were bashing Laura and her family were just rude.  I don’t know about you, but in my family, when you kick someone while they’re down, that’s considered bad sportsmanship. 

It takes guts to do what Laura did, what all candidates do.  It isn’t easy to put yourself out there for everyone to analyze and pick apart.  But you do it anyway because you believe you can be a voice that guides your community to bigger and better things.  And you hope that people will be people – civil and respectful – even when they disagree with you.  If you lose, you try to be graceful, and you hope people are decent enough not to post pernicious comments about you online. 

I offer my congratulations to Nowakowski for winning the Phoenix city council race.  The comments people left about him and his campaign were positive and hopeful. 

Having said that, I’m still sorry that Laura Pastor lost the city council race.  I know her through Democratic political circles, respect her, and liked hearing about her plans for Phoenix. I think she would make a great councilwoman.  When I read the article and comments in the AZ Republic, I tried to understand where people were coming from.  But no matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t justify the vitriol.

Laura, My thoughts are with you. In solidarity,


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