I marched! Now what?

13 Apr 2018 10:49 am
Posted by: Krista

You’ve marched for women.
You’ve marched for your lives.
You’re wearing #RedForEd.

Now what?

Here are a couple of short lists of things you can do that make a big impact. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive, but feel free to leave your feedback about what I missed in the comments.

Fight where you stand (what you can do right now, today, and for the next few days – a little effort goes a long way):

  • Register to vote, and make sure the people in your family are registered to vote
  • Register your 17-year-old friends to vote (they can register to vote if they turn 18 before the next election – Nov. 6, 2018 – register my 17yo to vote)
  • Motivate in CD8 – the state is rallying around this special election (April 24th), and there are dozens of events and volunteer opportunities around the state. Phone banks, text banks, and canvassing opportunities are ongoing until April 24th. Volunteer or donate to Hiral.
  • Sign the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative, and make sure your entire family and all your friends sign it (How do I carry a petition?)
  • Wear #RedForEd on Wednesdays, and keep putting the pressure on the Governor and Legislature to fund our schools with a dedicated funding source

Long term change (how to become an activist):

Like I said, feel free to leave a comment about what I missed. Keeping these lists short was intentional :)

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