I turned them off. You should too.

11 Nov 2016 02:22 am
Posted by: Donna

Maeve Reston works for CNN. Note her sneering contempt for you and never forget it.

Protests have erupted in big cities all over the country in the aftermath of Trump’s (s)election (he lost the popular vote but won the undemocratic-as-shit Electoral College). I’m not sure how effective they are but I certainly understand the impulse to vent anger over this horrifying result, even if you don’t know quite what to do.

I’m not out on the streets. I’m too numb for that. I haven’t even cried – or yelled (that much), which is uncharacteristic of me. What I am doing, which I began immediately doing when it was clear that Trump was going to win, is telling everyone who will listen to turn off the fucking “news” that spent the last two years tongue-bathing Trump while assiduously tearing down Hillary Clinton over nothingburgers like her email server or not holding press conferences for several weeks (remember the obsession over that, completely forgotten when Donald Trump did the same thing later?).

Part of it could be chalked up to what are called Clinton Rules, which is the inexplicable hostility of the Beltway toward the Clintons and their avid willingness to run with bullshit dangled in front of them by right wing ratfuckers. Generally they avoid going with the obviously ridiculous stuff – Andrea Mitchell and Wolf Blitzer know they’d look like complete doofuses if they breathlessly pounded Vince Foster or Benghazi. But those EMAILZ!!1! were a vaguely complex topic that provided the perfect opportunity for Very Serious Pundits to furrow their brows and pretend to be deeply concerned about Hillary’s judgment despite clearing knowing exactly jack and shit about the particulars of the issue and having no apparent sense of its relative importance.

Similar faux-theatrics were at work with the talking head giddiness over Wikileaks stolen emails, which revealed little more than DNC people disliked Bernie Sanders and that a bunch of politicos talked trash, as they are wont to do. As for the Clinton Foundation “scandal”, a pile of crapola peddled by right wing Judicial Watch and lapped up by the AP, the Clinton Rules were definitely at play:

Another part of the failure of the MSM, which was amplified by cable news talking heads ad nauseum, is their fetish for false equivalence, in which minor flaws in Democrats are required to be exaggerated so they appear to match the major ones of Republicans, so that the pundits can maintain that all-important appearance of “balance”. Normally, this is incredibly bad journalism – the opposite of fairness – and a disservice to the public. In the case of Clinton vs. Trump, it borders on criminal negligence. As a counterweight to the endless stream of appalling revelations about Donald Trump, including him being caught bragging about sexually assaulting women during a TV taping we got 600+ days of nonstop repetition of Clinton’s EMAILZ!!1!

Finally, the DC political media (I believe, and said it recently) are in the thrall of the unspoken agreement emerging around 1980, that the GOP are the rightful owners of the White House. I truly believed the Trump candidacy would jolt them out of it. I was wrong.

I’m not going to presume to quantify the effect of this utter abdication (not all of them, by any means, there were many great journalists doing good work who were unfortunately overshadowed by the hacks and poseurs) of the Fourth Estate’s duty to inform and act in the public interest. There’s no doubt it contributed to Clinton’s high negatives and the “lesser of two evils” narrative (because the MSM’s gotta peddle a “narrative”, that’s apparently their main job). Sharper minds than mine are analyzing the data and hopefully Democrats will calmly determine, based on evidence and not preconceived biases, what was lacking and what wasn’t and figure out how to do better. What I do know is I cannot bear to watch insipid, dishonest cable “news” coverage anymore. I am no longer entertained by it. I am disgusted. I am done.

My tiny form of protest is to turn the shitty punditry off and advise others to do the same, loudly and often. I can still get the news from sources that aren’t completely ratings-driven and compromised, like the BBC, so it’s not like I’m isolating myself from the world. But I’ll be doing more worthwhile things like watching Netflix shows or reading books or taking walks during the times I’d be parked in front of MSNBC or CNN. I know I’m not the only one.

Turn them off. They don’t deserve our eyeballs or money. Let them drown in their own perfidy, gasping for those mythical conservative viewers they’ve desperately tried to lure with their asinine “balance”.

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  1. Comment by rustvariable2 on November 12, 2016 3:56 pm

    What an appalling failure of our “liberal” media.

    They helped elect a president with no military or governing experience who has declared bankruptcy six times and regularly defrauds his customers, contractors, and suppliers. But hey, we’re safe from improperly managed email servers!

    I would have liked to see some focus on Trump’s total lack of governing experience, or his calling for the deaths of innocent people in the case of the Central Park Five, or his six bankruptcies. Instead? Effing emails.

    Great job on this post about the Trump foundation. I found it linked on Dailykos.

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