I’m sure they’re paying fair market rent for the use of those 501(c)3 facilities.

27 Apr 2011 05:23 pm
Posted by: Donna

James King of the New Times covered the trainwreck that is the Arizona GOP today. The rift is over recently elected State Chair Tom Morrissey, whom a bunch of Republican activists want to give the boot on account of what they describe as incompetence and the unseemliness of five times married Morrissey being the standard bearer for the party of alleged Family Values.

King posted a memo from Maricopa County GOP Chair Rob Haney:

Dear EGC members,

Because of the air conditioning problem at the State HQ, our EGC meeting on May 5th will be held at the Goldwater Institute at 500 East Coronado Rd.

Representatives from the Maricopa County Elections Department will give a presentation on redistricting and their plan on saving the county large sums of money in future elections. This plan will include eliminating 300 to 400 precincts by combining adjoining precincts. They would like your thoughts on the plan since the plan will naturally involve reducing the PC quota by one for each precinct that is eliminated..

Since the topic is of great significance, I plan to devote the entire time to their presentation, your questions and your input about the plan.


Ah yes. Good old “nonpartisan educational organization” Goldwater.

Here’s a fun musical tribute to our embattled GOP state chair:


  1. Comment by todd on April 27, 2011 10:01 pm

    I heard some peeps that Bennet was going to try and force the GI to register as a lobbying organization – wonder what happened with that. I find that even a ridiculous claim considering they aren’t so much lobbying as actually writing legislation….

  2. Comment by Zelph on May 3, 2011 7:53 pm

    BTW, for those interested in attending the Maricopa County Republican Exec. Governing Committee meeting with the Maricopa County Elections Dept., it has been moved once again. Now it’s at the Phx Police Substation community service room located at 2075 E. Maryland. Guess they got cold feet about having it at the GI. This meeting is open to the public. Starts at 7pm. Hope they see this and have to move it again. LOL

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