Intestinal fortitude score: Anchorage Daily News 1, Arizona Republic 0

26 Oct 2008 10:00 am
Posted by: Donna

Two major newspapers from the home states of candidates on the top of the national tickets have weighed in on the race.  

The Anchorage Daily News chose to do a sober evaluation of both Presidential candidates.  Their editorial board took a deep breath and told the truth, despite the fact that it’s Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who is vying for the Vice Presidency.  They did the right thing.

They could have wussed out like our hometown paper did, but they didn’t.   If you don’t want to read the Republic’s toadying cop-out, I’ll summarize it for you: 

McCain:  He’s maverick-y.  Don’t worry about his hairtrigger temper, we know him.  Paragraph devoted to maverick-y stuff he did back in the ’80s and ’90s.  No mention of the Keating 5.  Or Palin. 

Obama:  Talks all pretty and stuff but will transfer wealth from deserving rich people to worthless working class loafers.  Doesn’t like free trade enough.  Voted present in the Illinois State Senate*.  Doesn’t believe enough in drill baby drill and nuclear as the solution to energy needs. 

Despite my prediction to friends that the Republic was either going to endorse McCain or no one, I still nursed the faint hope that they’d rise to the occasion.  They did for Dan Saban, Tim Nelson, and others.   Sadly, they couldn’t muster the courage for the Presidential endorsement.

* Are they kidding with this nonsense?!?  Present votes are a commonly employed procedural strategy in the IL State Legislature. What, they had to reach all the way back to the primaries to find some non-issue that was used to fool low information voters to make their case? How lame.

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