It’s IOKIYAR for Pearce when he “shows utter contempt for the United States”

22 Mar 2011 08:55 pm
Posted by: Donna

Senate President Pearce issued a petulant projection-fest of a response to Democrats’ doubts about the letter Sen. Lori Klein read from the floor of the State Senate last week. The letter was a poorly written, grammatical error-laden diatribe against Latino students by substitute language arts teacher Tony Hill. Not that you’d know the original intent of Hill’s letter from what Pearce says:

“On March 17, Sen. Lori Klein read on the Senate floor a letter written to me by a teacher in the West Valley. The letter described the challenges he faces in his classroom, with defiant students ignoring their school assignments, refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and showing utter contempt for the United States. The letter gave a great first-hand perspective of the difficulties our outstanding school teachers face on a daily basis.

I am shocked that Members of the Minority are so quick to defend the actions of these troublemakers, and mock the frustration many teachers feel in bringing order to the classroom. Some Members even questioned the letter writer’s existence, suggesting this was all fiction, and there was no teacher.

I’ve spoken with the teacher who wrote this letter. He stands by all he wrote. This is happening in our classrooms. The behavior by these students cannot and will not be condoned. Teachers have the right and the duty to keep control of their classroom.

Some Members of the Minority are now calling for me to apologize, and calling for Sen. Klein to apologize for reading it. We will not apologize. A teacher has a First Amendment right to express themselves, and we have an obligation to our citizens to keep them informed on what is happening in our schools.”

Gosh, from reading that you’d have no idea that the letter was sent in support of a spate of bills targeting undocumented immigrants and that Hill was specifically describing Hispanic kids, not unruly students in general.

I have found that substitute teaching in these areas most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters. They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico. If we are able to remove the illegals out of our schools, the class sizes would be reduced and the students who wanted to learn would have a better chance to do so and become productive citizens.

I applaud and support your efforts to stop this invasion into our state and country. When the citizens of a country are forced to speak the invaders language, adopt their customs, and forced to support them, are we not a conquer nation? I do not want to see our state and nation turned into a third world country. Thank you for standing up to this invasion.

But it’s interesting that Senator Pearce wants to hyperventilate about people being disrespectful to the United States, considering:

PEARCE: U.S. history, most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written. But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by compact. Do you know what existed before the Congress, the states? Do you know, you’re not a citizen of the United States. You’re a citizen of a sovereign state. The fifty sovereign states makes up United States of America, we’re citizens of those sovereign states. It is not a delegated authority. It’s an inherent authority that states have over the federal government. [applause] It’s about time somebody gets it right!

Russell Pearce doesn’t consider himself a citizen of the United States? Really? Does that mean he’s lying every time he pledges allegiance to a country that is “one nation, indivisible”? That’s not a good example for our State Senate President to be setting for our youth.


  1. Comment by BruceJ on March 23, 2011 1:56 pm

    Forget lying during the Pledge; if he’s not a US citizen he’s committing vote fraud, and should be arrested, tried and imprisoned.

  2. Comment by Opheelia on March 23, 2011 3:41 pm

    “Most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written.”

    Most of us? Why haven’t we been asking the people who WERE around to help us interpret it, then?

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