Jeb Bush meant what he said

05 Aug 2015 02:01 pm
Posted by: Donna


On Tuesday, GOP Presidential candidate and “establishment” (whatever that means these days) favorite Jeb(!) Bush said the following:

The next president should defund Planned Parenthood. I have the benefit of having been governor and we did defund Planned Parenthood when I was governor. We tried to create a culture of life across the board. The argument against this is, well, women’s health issues are gonna be — you’re attacking — it’s a war on women and you’re attacking women’s health issues. You could take dollar for dollar — although I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues — but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinarily fine organizations, community health organizations, that exist, federally sponsored community health organizations, to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues. But abortion should not be funded by the government, any government, in my mind.

Democrats and reporters seized on the “women’s health issues” and the Jeb(!) campaign promptly walked back his earlier comment. Sort of.

“With regards to women’s health funding broadly, I misspoke, as there are countless community health centers, rural clinics, and other women’s health organizations that need to be fully funded. They provide critical services to all, but particularly low-income women who don’t have the access they need.

“I was referring to the hard-to-fathom $500 million in federal funding that goes to Planned Parenthood – an organization that was callously participating in the unthinkable practice of selling fetal organs. Democrats* and Republicans agree we absolutely must defund them and redirect those funds to other women’s health organizations.”

The first part of that is the same empty argle-bargle about “community clinics” that all the GOP politicians seeking to defund Planned Parenthood are spouting. Which is bullshit because those clinics would face great difficulty accommodating the influx of new patients, even if all the Planned Parenthood funding were shifted to them, since half a billion dollars spread out nationwide is not really going to build much capacity anywhere. But notice in the second part how Jeb(!) actually reiterates his contention that taxpayers are blowing way too much money on mere women. This is followed up with hand-wringing over “selling fetal organs”**, which is meant to distract you (oh, and how easily many of you are distracted!) by Jeb(!) basically telling you that he has no intention of funding those saintly “community clinics” with the slut money.

*Fuck you, Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly.

**This is what’s known as a big fat lie. And it is being told glibly and shamelessly by the top “establishment” GOP candidate for President of the United States.

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