Jeff Flake’s campaign is basically calling the election for Obama

19 Sep 2012 11:19 pm
Posted by: Donna

Why else would they create a Twitter account accusing Dr. Richard Carmona of being a “rubberstamp” for President Obama? Either someone forgot to tell them this isn’t a mid-term but a Presidential year or they simply aren’t very confident in Mitt Romney’s chances. Speaking of which, is Flake going to distance himself from Romney’s 47% remarks as some fellow Republicans, including Nevada Senate Candidate Dean Heller, have?

Heller is the third Republican Senate candidate to publicly take issue with Mitt Romney’s comments, caught on video at a closed-door fundraiser in May, that the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax see themselves as “victims” and cannot be persuaded to abandon President Obama at the ballot.
“Keep in mind, I have five brothers and sisters. My father was an auto mechanic. My mother was a school cook. I have a very different view of the world,” Heller said. “And as United States senator, I think I represent everyone, and every vote’s important. Every vote’s important in this race. I don’t write off anybody.”

Keep in mind that Heller (fun fact: AZ Senator Ed Ableser’s father-in-law) said a couple years ago that jobless workers collecting unemployment insurance were living a “hobo lifestyle”. So, if this guy is worried about Mitt’s comments, newly minted “moderate” general election candidate Jeff Flake definitely should be.


  1. Comment by John Dreyfus on September 19, 2012 11:31 pm

    I’m waiting to see how Ryan stands with Rmoney while distancing himself in his Congressional campaign.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on September 20, 2012 10:48 am

    Mmmm mmm three days in a row? Must be putting the straw in your nose at the coffee shop again. Intervention!

    Drive by, but this put it so well I had to share. From a right wing site (yoiks!)
    Sorry for size.
    Jeff Flake was a lobbyist for different firms prior to his election as congressman. He has kept some of these clients to this day. Jeff Flake is know for his adamant opposition to sanctions against Iran. One of his clients is a company called Rossing Uranium of London. This company has uranium and tin mine is many countries. One of these countries is Uganda in Africa. Uganda supplies Iran with uranium and other strategic metals for their nuclear testing program. Jeff Flake has stated that the reason he is assisting Uganda in its endeavor is because of his love for South Africa. Jeff Flake also is trying to relax restriction on mining for uranium in the Grand Canyon. Rossing Uranium of London is one of the companies that is applying for these mining permits should they become available.

    Seems Jeffyjeff was making about 5 to 7 thousand a MONTH as a lobbyist.


  3. Comment by mike slater on September 20, 2012 3:19 pm

    The thing is Romney’s comments about the 47% that don’t pay federal income taxes is a true fact. The Republican candidates that are distancing themselves from Romney’s comments must be RINO’s.

    Carmona , if he wins which he won’t, claims to be an independent thinker but if elected will be a lapdog for Harry Reid.

    Went to the local Republican store today and picked up a Romney for president sign to put in my yard. While I was there I met a very nice black women that was totally against Obama.

  4. Comment by Timmys Cat on September 20, 2012 3:26 pm

    Romney is judging people on their income taxes yet he doesn’t have the balls to release his own.

  5. Comment by mike slater on September 20, 2012 4:01 pm

    Timmys Cat , he released two years of income tax returns. How many do you want?

  6. Comment by amazing grace on October 5, 2012 5:10 pm

    NBC news conviently left out the first part of Romney’s comment. Thankfully Fox News got it right and released Mitt’s full statement which is the truth and made a whole lot of sence. Fox news knew something wasn’t right and got Romney’s whole statement. I’m pretty sure Jeff supports Mitt in light of the truth of Mitt Romney’s full statements.

  7. Comment by Donna on October 5, 2012 5:59 pm

    What’s in Mitt’s full statement that makes it true? Do tell.

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