John McCain’s brother pwns a teabagger

30 Jan 2010 02:55 pm
Posted by: Donna

Pulled this off a rightie blog:

To Arizona Tea Party Groups.

As a former member of Senator John McCain’s Presidential campaign, (The Senior enlisted military advisor for retired military endorsements on his website) I have just told Senator McCain I cannot support and will not help him with his current senate campaign.

Instead I am backing Mr. J.D. Hayworth for Senator of AZ.

Joe McCain, Senator McCain’s brother sent me an E mail below.

He has compared the Tea Party members in AZ and across the United States as gangs that would do well as members of the NAZI party. Ref: Response below that mentions the Horst Wesell song.

Look it up on line or click here for the link.

It is a great shame that John McCain’s brother Joe identifies the the Tea Party movement across America as gangs of NAZI’s.

Senior Chief Geoff Ross
U.S. Navy retired
Navarre Florida
Emerald Coast Tea Party Patriots

Here’s the offending email

To: [redacted]

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 13:37:12 -0500

Chief, in brief, I will just say that you are the kind of torch-bearing, howling, unthinking Rebublican that will keep the goverment in the hands of the Treasury-looting Democrats, as moderate Americans who are trying to find a way through these parlous times will turn back away, just as they have so many times — as their distaste of the mob that went after a manifestly irresponsible Bill Clinton. Soon, a man who would have fallen from office according to many of his own party, became an object of sympathy in the face of the drooling lynch mob that went after him in Congress. And an electorate that rejected a Newt Gingrich who so pompusly espoused ‘Family Vaues’ while sleeping with an aide while his own wife was deathly ill in the hospital

And now you have aimed your vituperous litany against one of the few Republicans who actually thinks, and tries to find not the expedient road but the ethical one, in favor of a lightweight spouter of easy right wing axioms. Well, it speaks for itself. I won’t tolerate it.

I don’t say that you are unpatriotic, I say that you are unthinking, unrational, and unreasonable. And are the kind that is turning the GOP of Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan into a Citadel of Intolerance that will remain a minority as long as it plays these strident themes that sneer at practically anyone that tries to think as Communist, Marxist, Socialist, or especially as UnAmerican. Funny that the great majority of Americans are so UnAmerican…..

Maybe you and like gangs need to rewrite the Horst Wesell song or The Internationale. You won’t have to change very many words to make them fit.

This came to my junk mail, for I had already removed your name from my mailing list. No more.

Joe McCain



  1. Comment by wendy teagarden on January 30, 2010 9:06 pm

    Absolutely priceless!

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on February 1, 2010 11:45 am

    It grieves me to see the Repubs turn on each other (so slowly). The party seems to be imploding (hurry up!).

    I am sensing this politcal party may split in half. Between the haves and the wants when it comes to power.

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