Just a thought I have on the SB1322 and I’m just throwing it out there

28 Apr 2011 10:58 pm
Posted by: Donna

Mary Jo Pitzl of the AZ Republic Political Insider theorizes that Gov. Brewer might have vetoed Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio’s bill because of bad blood between them going back to 2002.

And while Brewer’s veto letter gives ample reasons for her decision to spurn SB 1322, we hark back to 2002. That’s when a certain Jan Brewer squared off against Sal DiCiccio and Sharon Collins for the GOP nomination for Secretary of State.

During the campaign, DiCiccio accused Brewer of raising property taxes while a Maricopa County supervisor, a charge she denied. The campaign was one of the testier ones of the 2002 cycle, so much so that the then-head of the state Republican Party called for a timeout on the sniping.

So, not that a nine-year-old primary skirmish would influence a gubernatorial veto years later. But the governor has a long memory and DiCiccio, as one columnist noted in 2002, “has a talent for being irritating even when he’s right.”

So, just sayin….

Good recollection, and it may be a factor in the veto decision. Still, I’m inclined to favor a more temporal motivation. There’s a Phoenix Mayor race coming up this year. A pissed off and energized bloc of Phoenix workers and their families could swing an off-year race to punish candidates from the party that screwed them. Like I said, it’s just a thought.

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  1. Comment by Truth08 on May 2, 2011 6:16 pm

    My suspicions are that she was in-cahoots with the non-bidding process as in…..the…’CCA’.. and no longer wished for competitive bidding.?

    Though I still am wondering why the State would be telling the cites how to run their respective cites..?

    Lastly, as an insider DiCiccio would have an inside track as to how low to bid, this applies to his own cronies who run the cities current infrastructure..Like the motor-pool, or trash collection, etc..?

    Just my two cents..


    P/S If you had a chance to see Erflie on Square off..? She did great..!! I posted it to my wall..

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