Kids these days.

22 Jun 2010 09:55 am
Posted by: Donna

Stuff like this tells you just how powerful the GOP noise machine is in Arizona:

Some Arizona Democrats recently posted a pair of three-minute YouTube videos involving the Republican candidate for superintendent of public instruction, Sen. John Huppenthal of Chandler. They are remixed, reconfigured versions of a six-minute YouTube video posted in February by a recent high-school graduate. The Arizona Capitol Times identified one of the Democrats involved as David Morales, a party activist.

Both the long and short videos depict the student, Keith Wagner, interviewing Huppenthal in the lawmaker’s office regarding a complex education bill passed a year earlier. For his part, Huppenthal clearly is confused by Wagner’s question, and, after a few uncertain moments, Huppenthal excuses himself and leaves the office. All the videos of the interview end there.

In fact, the lawmaker had excused himself to call an aide who might help answer Wagner’s questions. In his closing credits, Wagner notes that Huppenthal returned a few moments later.

Um, what closing credits? The video that Keith Wagner himself put up runs 6:19 with no closing credits. It’s essentially a lengthy ad for Prop 100. On his personal youtube page, which has exactly one video posted (the now infamous one) Wagner comments that Huppenthal returned to complete the interview. But who knows when he added that? The video itself leaves the impression for all the world that Hupp never came back. Wagner also put out factually incorrect information about the budgetary matter he was discussing with Huppenthal, which he has yet to retract or correct on his Youtube page or anywhere else from what I can tell. Odd how there’s no mention of that in the Republic editorial.

Which brings me to what I find most irritating about this ginned up GOP faux outrage fest: Keith Wagner is 18 years old. This aspiring journalist and legal adult has been described as “upset” over the way his story was used. He’s apparently been “used as a viral pawn” as well. Give me a break. If the Republic wants to catapult GOP campaign propaganda, fine. But while they’re doing that is it too much to ask for them to scrutinize what Wagner put on Youtube and hold him accountable for it? He’s a grown man, after all. While we’re at it, how about Keith coming forward to correct the record? You know, as is expected of adults when we make mistakes.

Maybe it’s a Gen X thing. We weren’t coddled like that in my day, I tells ya!

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  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on June 22, 2010 9:07 pm

    Ruh-roh, you’re up against a powerhouse at the Voice.

    According to local conservative blog Sonoran Alliance,..

    He’s got sources! Sources I tells ya!

    The student, now graduated from high school, also “said he was irked that some are using the video, which was a class project, to score political points.

    You big meanie, you iked him. Irked him,says I! Well, at least you’re in the “some” club. I think if you delete the comma after the word project, you get a more accurate picture.
    If you grab a tiger by the tail,best know what’s in store. I do admire his backpedalng skills tho.

    Here’s the evil mastermind, the mighty JOE! Notice the many fine jobs, indicating his pernicious multi talents.

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