Lawmakers act to save Arizona from the horror of solar energy and good paying jobs.

24 Feb 2010 03:49 pm
Posted by: Donna

I didn’t want my post on nuclear energy last night to get too long so I’m making a separate one for this.

HB2701 is a bill that would add nuclear to the description of energy sources that qualify as renewable for the purposes of AZ’s Renewable Energy Standard. What that means is that APS, which gets over a quarter of its power from the Palo Verde nuclear plant, would automatically be in compliance with the 15% mandate. Opponents of the bill (rightly) fear that it will put the kibosh on the nascent solar and wind projects that are poised to take advantage of the RES. Which means it’s also a jobs killer, as opponents of the bill in the business community have claimed. My troll Alan claims that environmentalists destroy jobs but I imagine he hasn’t considered how many jobs are left uncreated in the US by backwards thinking protection of the status quo over innovation.

Naturally, HB2701 a GOP led effort, though a couple of Dems have joined to sponsor it.

Here is Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-Duh) demonstrating his astute grasp of economics and energy policy:

“I’m a believer in the free market,” he said. “Solar should stand without having to be propped up,” by government incentives.


Why can’t that girly solar energy pull itself up by its bootstraps already? Why can’t it be more like that good old red-blooded manly nuclear energy? Which is so ruggedly individualist that it is practically the John Galt of the energy world! And thank you, Rep. Montenegro, for putting words to the frustration so many of us feel as we watch our state be overrun with solar development while poor nuclear can’t catch a break.

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  1. Comment by Zelph on February 24, 2010 9:58 pm

    And it’s Montenegro’s district that will lose jobs because of this bill.

    I hope to hell his Democratic opponent uses this as an issue.

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