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27 May 2014 01:43 pm
Posted by: Donna

ICYMI, and you probably did because it was Memorial Day weekend and it aired on Sunday morning at 8 a.m., you can watch me on the panel with Chip Scutari and Shane Wikfors here. Again, sorry I can’t embed but the videos tend to open immediately when you click on the site if I do.

The topics were the CPS special session, Tom Horne’s continuing troubles, and the races in CD01 and CD07. On CPS I felt it was important to get some policy points in there despite Square Off being a inside baseball politics themed show. I said that the funding proposed for the session is woefully insufficient to address the backlog of cases and the ongoing needs of families in crisis. Scutari talked about Jan Brewer’s legacy and Wikfors, the former head of Arizona Right To Life, said that tax increases to help abused and neglected children were out of the question.

What I found interesting in the Tom Horne segment was how Shane Wikfors clearly does not want the NOT Tom Horne candidate, Mark Brnovich, to be identified as a Tea Party guy since there’s a really good chance he’ll end up being the general election candidate against Felecia Rotellini. Which is amusing since I’ve known Shane to be a pretty enthusiastic Tea Party guy himself these past few years. But that’s too bad, since Not Tom Horne has already firmly established himself as a right wing protest candidate. I pointed out that it will not be easy to make him over as a mainstream candidate in such a short time.

On CD1 I didn’t want to go down the Gary Kiehne rabbit hole, since he is not going to be the GOP nominee in that district. Andy Tobin is and you can already see how he’s being propped up as the “establishment” candidate. I pointed out how radically conservative Tobin has been in the legislature. Basically, if Andy Tobin is “establishment”, then “establishment” officially means absolutely nothing.

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