Listen to a sensible moderate centrist Republican Arizona State Senator say a totally non-wingnutty thing in a committee!

01 Mar 2017 06:03 pm
Posted by: Donna

Remember these paragons of civility?

Big hat tip to the friend who works on Arizona legislative matters who tipped me off to this. The Senate Transportation and Technology Committee was discussing HB2324, a noncontroversial bill that would exempt Purple Heart recipients and their spouses from vehicle registration fees. After some hashing out of minor details of the bill by other members of the committee, my own State Senator Kate Brophy McGee (R-North Phoenix), whose carefully-crafted image of bland moderation plays very well in this swing district and has been fully lapped up by the local press (she’s pretty much the gold standard of “moderate Republican” in news reporting around here), had something really outstandingly sensible and centrist and civil to say about Vietnam veteran and former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry.

I used to be able to make clips easily of these videos but they seem to have changed the system so to see Brophy McGee’s truly excellent comment about Kerry, if this link to the video doesn’t automatically take you there, click on the bill number and then scooch forward to about the 64:00 mark.

I don’t quite know how to ask this, but there are Purple Hearts and then there are Purple Hearts. So if I’m reading this correctly, it’s not just having a Purple Heart but also a 100% disability? So, in other words – not to inflame (inaudible) – if you have a John Kerry Purple Heart, as an example. Is someone like my friend’s grandson who lost both legs and arm and has a modified vehicle – he has a Purple Heart too.

Giving the game away there a little too much, Senator. And not only that, it looks to me like she feigned ignorance deliberately so she could make that John Kerry crack. The existing statute already provides the exemption to persons receiving 100% veterans’ disability benefits. The bill adds an additional provision for Purple Heart recipients, who have been awarded for injuries sustained in the line of duty, with no consideration for how high a disability rating they received upon leaving the service. It requires no particular expertise in reading legislation to see this in the bill itself.

I’d like to see Brophy McGee say to John Kerry’s face what she thinks of his Purple Heart.

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