Man, the chutzpah on Catherine Miranda!

16 Aug 2016 01:45 am
Posted by: Donna

Here is another example of the kind of deceptive mailers going out for Catherine Miranda in LD27 in South Phoenix. This time it’s from Miranda’s own campaign.

miranda flyer

Michelle Obama? I doubt the First Lady would approve the use of her image and quote from her strirring appeal to equality and progress in Philly at the DNC in the campaign materials of an anti-choice, anti-LGBT “Democrat” who endorsed both Doug Ducey and Michele Reagan in 2014. (I’m told there was a mailer with her and Hillary Clinton too, because of course there was.)

You could maybe make an argument that some of the Dem primary voters in Miranda’s district agree with her culture war issue views (though Dems who don’t hold them have gotten elected easily there). But it’s difficult to argue that those voters would feel warm toward Catherine Miranda had she put an image of Governor Ducey on her flyer, along with a quote from him about the need for a voter suppression measure aimed directly at many of her constituents.

“We join 18 other states in this common-sense approach to maintaining the integrity of our elections.”

If Miranda wanted to aim high, as in the words of Michelle Obama that she appropriated for her primary campaign message in that mailer, then she would recant her support for the man who accused people, including many in her district, of violating the integrity of elections. Among other gross things Doug Ducey has done, since being elected with her help.

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