McSally announces Senate bid, fails to condemn Trump’s racism, still wants you to think she’s cool

12 Jan 2018 02:37 pm
Posted by: Donna

As I’ve mentioned lo these many times about Arizona Republicans, there is a highly successful subset of them who, despite their obvious lack of interest in competent governance of any kind, are impressively adept at what is known to political junkies as “working the refs” or “manipulating mainstream pundits”.

Martha McSally is one such Republican, and she brings something extra to the mix by not only being a female military veteran (fighter pilot!) but also in cultivating an image of herself as a feisty feminist who occasionally indulges in naughty profanity. (None of which is anything I’d hate on her for, except for the fact that she’s anti-choice AF, rendering her “feminism” largely self-serving bullshit.)

Today turned out to be a less-than-optimal day for Rep. McSally to make her official announcement to run for the Senate seat Jeff Flake is vacating this year due to some breaking news about President Trump saying he didn’t want people emigrating here from what he called “shithole” countries.

When asked about it, instead of issuing a straightforward condemnation of the remark, McSally chose evasion and an attempt to self-promote as a straight talking maverick who sometimes uses (wink wink) salty language!

Rep. McSally, what Trump said was racist, not merely indecorous, and you failed your very first test as potential U.S. Senator representing Arizona.

Yes, what she said was clearly aimed at not pissing off Trump’s base, which she needs to win the primary, but I also think McSally is fully aware of how the self-appointed Guardians of Civil Discourse and Nonpartisan Objectivity™ in the press here tend to conflate bigotry and misogyny with “vulgarity” and other forms of general rudeness. I’m picturing her making very public and theatrical shows of stopping herself from using profanity, fully expecting the plaudits and endorsements to roll in: “McSally seems to be growing naturally into the role of the mature Arizona stateswoman.” Barf.

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