Medicaid expansion opponents tell gruesome tall tales

10 Apr 2013 11:20 am
Posted by: Donna

On the Twitters yesterday some Tea Party trolls were baiting AZ House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, accusing him and other Dems in the Legislature of saying they wouldn’t support the Medicaid expansion unless it “funds abortion”. When asked to substantiate the claim, they cited this article, with no reporter named in the byline, from the “Arizona Daily Independent”.

AZ Independent 1

That is complete hogwash. No Democratic lawmaker said that and no taxpayer funds are allowed to go to abortion in Arizona anyway. Some Democrats are threatening to pull support from the expansion if it defunds Planned Parenthood, which provides exams, cancer and STD screenings, and birth control to thousands of women and men in Arizona, including many Medicaid recipients. The federal government has stipulated that people on Medicaid can choose any qualified provider and they (and the courts) have found that Planned Parenthood is acceptable. Federal law disallows funding for abortion except in the case of life endangerment, rape, or incest, and Arizona does not allow state funds to cover any abortions. The outlandish claims don’t end there.

AZ Independent 2

Oh brother. The scenario of the “born alive abortion” springs wholly from the fertile imaginations of anti-choice activists, the majority of whom are scientifically illiterate and willfully ignorant. They are hoping that the majority of the public assumes, as they do, that late term abortions are done for the convenience of women who have capriciously decided, at the last minute, to dispatch with perfectly healthy pregnancies in the seventh or eighth month. If anti-abortion activists understood that women undergoing late term abortions are in a really dangerous, painful, and terrifying predicament, they wouldn’t throw out such an absurd and accusatory “born alive” hypothesis. They would, as the Planned Parenthood lobbyist did, trust the woman, her doctor, and her family to handle a horrific pregnancy crisis and leave them be to do that.

Given the meltdown the religious right is having over the Affordable Care Act mandate to cover birth control in health plans, it’s pretty clear to me that this crusade against Planned Parenthood in the Medicaid expansion is not simply about abortion. If they want your employer to be able to deny you birth control coverage you can bet they don’t want it covered in any public health plans. But that’s a tough sell to the public, most of whom are very favorable toward covering contraception for low income women. So I guess the plan is to create a distraction by screeching about abortion and live babies being murdered on tables. Sick puppies.


  1. Comment by Mike Slater on April 11, 2013 4:51 pm

    Some of us aren’t favorable toward coverning contraception for low income women. They should pat for their own contraception.

  2. Comment by Suzanne on April 12, 2013 10:05 am

    “anti-choice activists, the majority of whom are scientifically illiterate and willfully ignorant.”
    And, I will add willful, hateful, liars.
    Thank you Donna for pointing that out – again.

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