“Moderate” Scott Smith blames the President for coyotes and drug cartels

25 Jun 2014 02:47 pm
Posted by: Donna

Hi there, fellow liberals who persist in believing that AZ Governor candidate Scott Smith is a nice guy and won’t be too bad as Governor and isn’t like all those other lunatics in that primary. Take a gander at Smith’s latest press release (emphasis mine):

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2014 Contact: Drew Sexton
(602) 738-1187

Mayor Scott Smith Calls For Expedited Removal Hearings For Illegal Immigrants; Calls Out Obama Administration For Risking Children’s Lives, Betraying National Security, “Empowering Coyotes, Cartels, Organized Crime”
Expedited Removal Hearings would send unaccompanied minors, illegal adults home ASAP, end “mixed message” to would-be border crossers

MESA—Mayor Scott Smith, Republican candidate for Arizona Governor, today called on the Obama Administration to immediately end its use of parole hearings to keep illegal border crossers in the United States indefinitely, instead calling on the President and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to use the Expedited Removal Hearings process to speed up the removal of the more than 90,000 illegal immigrants who have crossed the American border since October.

“We need to stop putting children’s lives at risk. We need stop betraying the security of our country and we absolutely need to end the mixed message President Obama and Secretary Johnson are sending to border crossers streaming across the Mexican border,” said Smith. “The Expedited Removal Process is legal and humane – and it will put an exclamation point on securing the American border.

“The Obama Administration needs to stop empowering the coyotes, cartels and organized crime syndicates who traffic in human beings. We can’t allow criminals to continue to profit by luring tens of thousands more children and families by giving them false hope. These predators are victimizing would-be border crossers, and the Administration is aiding and abetting that crime. We need to send an unequivocal message not to leave your homeland. If you cross into this country illegally, you will be removed just as quickly as you got here, no matter who you are.”

Expedited Removal Hearings, a streamlined alternative to the much slower parole hearing process preferred by the Obama Administration, allows for the faster removal of illegal border crossers deemed inadmissible for entry into the United States. The process, said Smith, should be used to remove the more than 50,000 unaccompanied children and 39,000 adults who have surged across the Southwest border in the past seven months.

“This crisis will continue so long as our border policy is, ‘If you make it over the U.S. border, you will be allowed to stay in this country indefinitely.’ That’s empowering the coyotes and criminals to sell false hope to kids and poor families all over Central America,” said Smith. “We don’t need to send Joe Biden to Guatemala for a photo op. We need to send a strong message by returning the thousands who were lured to cross our border by criminals. That’s the statement we need to make, and we need to make it today.”


That’s a rather startling allegation by Smith against President Obama, isn’t it? Do you think Fred DuVal would ever say something like that? That’s your “moderate” GOP guy right there. Please learn what he’s really about before you unwittingly help give him cover to win the general should he make it out of the primary. Thanks.

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