Moment of truth time for Arizona

19 Aug 2016 03:43 am
Posted by: Donna

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Former AZ Governor Jan Brewer, quoted in The Hill:

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) this week called Hillary Clinton a “lying killer” and insisted her state wouldn’t vote for the Democrat in November’s presidential election.

“The people want a fighter. They’re tired of the lying killer, uh, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons of the world,” Brewer said in an interview on KTAR News that was highlighted by Mediaite.

Brewer argued that Democrats may be helping the state’s economy by spending heavily on advertisements there but that it wouldn’t help them politically. She predicted GOP nominee Donald Trump would air just a few ads.

“I don’t think that they can win Arizona,” the Trump supporter said of Democrats.

As much as making this odious woman bitterly disappointed alone on November 8th should be all the motivation we need to make this happen, Brewer certainly has grounds to make this prediction. It has long been the aspirational myth here of Democrats that the demographic “sleeping giant” of Hispanic voters will awaken and overtake the elections here. It hasn’t happened yet.

Republican consultant types, at least in my experience, have especially loved to jibe Democrats about this. But some of the less hardcore partisan ones, along with several media pundits and mainstream establishment thought leaders, subscribe to a concurrent aspirational myth of their own: that of The Moderate Republicans Who Are Going To Come To Their Senses Any Day Now And Save Us From The Lunatics Currently In Charge.

This, too, hasn’t happened yet. It hasn’t happened despite gutting Clean Elections, an AZ Republic columnist’s crusade to “de-kook the Legislature”, two failed Top Two Primary campaigns, and attempts by business and academic leaders to forge “nonpartisan dialogue”.

The myth relies on the existence of a “sleeping giant” of Arizona voters and prospective politicians who are socially moderate yet fiscally conservative, whose economic and policy interests line up closely with those of the business community, and who shun blind partisanship yet must have a Republican to vote for because they will never, ever vote for a Democrat.

Indeed, these people have been presented plenty of times the past two decades or so with “moderate” options*, both in GOP primaries and in general elections with decidedly non-extreme Democrats, yet they haven’t managed to pull the trigger on the whole saving-us-with-moderation plan. Instead, the aforementioned Jan Brewer won decisively for Governor in 2010 on the strength of SB1070 (round up the illegals!), along with a whole bunch of other Republicans who have felt little need to moderate themselves on a host of issues from public education (cut it and funnel tax dollars to charters and private vouchers!) to energy (demolish the solar industry and do whatever else the Kochs want!) to culture war issues (Cathi Herrod, by all means, have your way with us!) to the disgusting and utterly morally incomprehensible defenestration of child protective services (are there no churches? work houses?).

Arizona voters who insist on voting Republican despite all of that have had ready-made excuses for doing so, including:

“Taxes! They’re too high!”

“What part of “illegal” don’t those people understand?”

“I already pay enough for the schools so why can’t the teachers take a pay cut?”

“Corporation Commission? What is that? These ads tell me all I need to know!”

“Why should we throw money at CPS when I read an article about how a social worker forgot to check on an abused kid?”

So many great excuses! Huge excuses!

Moment of truth time, people. Donald Trump is running on a bald-faced campaign of white supremacy. He is. That’s all there is to it. The current polls show him having more or less (and in the more-or-less realm lies the Electoral College votes) a tie with Hillary Clinton in Arizona. If the polls are to be believed, then in sheer numbers at least half the voters in our state feel that an unabashed white nationalist supremacist is a fine person to lead our country.

This might cause you to reexamine your neighbors, coworkers, and relatives. You should do that.

And this means that The Moderate Republicans Who Are Going To Come To Their Senses Any Day Now And Save Us From The Lunatics Currently In Charge are, in fact, not going to do that. They can’t, because they don’t exist.

Which means that you, people who supposedly yearn for moderate governance in Arizona, had better get with the Democrats, and help them get enough voters to the polls defeat the Trump horror show. It’s not like there isn’t an abundance of history showing you where his shit leads.

*Well, Janet Napolitano and Terry Goddard both got elected to statewide seats with Clean Elections. Hardly a couple of radicals.


  1. Comment by Andy March on August 19, 2016 10:39 am

    Trump, Brewer, Arpaio, Russell Pearce, Ducey, Diane Douglas, Biggs, Gowan, … are MAINSTREAM REPUBLICANS. That goes for AZ and the other 49 states. vote Democratic not just because Republicans are cruel, crazy White supremacist, misogynistic homophobes, but because Democratic policy positions are generally popular and the economy, by almost any measure, consistently does better under Democrats. By a lot! Vote in your own self interest. Even applies to billionaires.

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