More on Brewer “Plan”

29 May 2009 10:13 pm
Posted by: Katie

So, this Guardian article I posted yesterday about the end-run around the legislature really made it sound like this was coming out of the Governor’s Office, but apparently it’s not. An article in the AZ Republic today makes it clear that this strategy is being pushed by Building a Better Arizona 2012 (aka HighGround). I still don’t understand what they are hoping to accomplish, but at least a few things are cleared up.

Like, why would Brewer do this before she even tried to have talks with the non-leadership Republicans in the legislature? And, where is the money coming from?

The Republic article also says she might come out with a budget plan next week. Really? Maybe that would have been helpful a couple of months ago. I mean, what was she waiting for?

The Political Insider has more detail on the districts that are being targeted. Interesting that 18 isn’t on the list. Could it be because Russell Pearce is also a client of HighGround?

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