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07 Jun 2008 12:16 am
Posted by: Krista

I’ve had friends tell me they stopped reading this blog because it was too Clinton-centered. So, let’s change the subject, shall we?

This animosity towards candidates has gotten so bad that I wish neither Clinton nor Obama had entered the race. Where’s our safe candidate – you know, the Kerry of 2008 who was the nominee who’d unite the party without making any waves and see us safely into the White House? I guess the safe candidate this go round would’ve been Al Gore, but he’s not known to be much of a deal closer either – at least not where the presidency is concerned. (Side note, I adore Al Gore, but I’m in a particularly snarky mood and all are fair game for my snarkiness.)

I’m sorry our favorite candidates aren’t always the winners. If I had my way, we’d be sitting pretty under the watchful eye of President Dean. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my way. But I didn’t give up, and I didn’t vote for a Republican because my candidate lost. I sucked it up and volunteered for Kerry – and met some fabulous people along the way. I wasn’t all that excited about Kerry, but I knew that I’d regret it if I didn’t do all I could to try to get a Democrat elected, regardless of the Democrat.

That’s why it perturbs me when people say they’d vote for a Republican over Obama/Clinton. What Republican do you know who’d be a better leader than any of the Democrats we had in this Presidential Preference Primary? OK, so maybe we’ll gloss over Kooky Kucinich in this comparison (although I’ve always liked him, too). My point is that it’s time for both Obama and Clinton supporters to get over their animosity for the other candidate. This part of the process is over, and it’s time to look towards the bigger prize. We need to do everything we can to make sure we achieve the White House in November.

OK, so that wasn’t exactly changing the subject, but I’ve kept my typing to myself on this for far too long. A couple of months ago, I had a conversation with one of my Clinton-supporter friends. It went something like this:

Him: You still an Obama fan?
Me: he’s my man
Him: Would you vote for Clinton if she beat Obama?
Me: of course, what kind of lame question is that? i’m a dem aren’t i?
Him: Just wondering, you know with all these people saying they would vote for a republican over clinton/obama
Me: still a lame question. if obama lost, i’d just be losing a candidate, not my heart, soul, or intellect

To the Democratic Diva Clinton Coterie: You’ve inspired me with your passion and dedication. I’m proud to know you all and to have taken this blog journey with you. From the postings and comments, I can tell it’s not quite over yet, and I look forward to hearing about your exploits as Clinton delegates (and Donna’s exploits as an Obama delegate, of course). Now to move on to discussing other Democratic races, values, and issues…

…who knows, maybe the next big issue we get to discuss is how Gore staged a coup at the Democratic National Convention.


  1. Comment by Katie on June 7, 2008 10:52 am

    I personally don’t want the “safe” candidate. I want a candidate I can feel passionate about. When you do feel as passionate about a candidate as I and many others have about Hillary Clinton, moving on is much easier said than done. We will get there. But I did put my heart and soul into this race, and it will take some time. I will get there. If this were the other way around, there are plenty of Obama supporters who would need their time and space, too. The Hillary supporters who post on this blog are intelligent women – we know what needs to be done now. None of us are going to vote for McCain. And I personally will put my heart and soul into electing Obama.

  2. Comment by Krista on June 7, 2008 11:07 am

    I was going for sarcasm in most of that post. However, there is a lot of truth in it. No Wuss Diva commented on your post “At Least Buy Me Dinner First” about how she had heard from a lot of women who wouldn’t vote for Obama – they’d rather vote Republican. That’s what I’m talking about. And vice versa. I’ve heard Obama supporters say the same thing about voting for Clinton. If our top two candidates instilled that in us, that scares me.

    I hope that it’s just passion that has people saying this and that, once some time has passed, we’ll all unite behind Obama. It scares me to think that animosity against him might give us four more years of McSame.

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