MSNBC picked up the ALEC story. Maybe the Arizona media will pay attention.

17 May 2011 10:15 pm
Posted by: Donna

Lawrence O’Donnell did a nice segment about ALEC on his Last Word show tonight. He was surprised (as am I) that in all his years in politics he had never heard of the organization until now, despite ALEC being in existence since 1973 and wielding a tremendous amount of corporate influence over state legislatures, including Arizona’s. I learned about them in 2006 when I was running for the legislature and have been telling everyone who will listen about them. I expect that Lawrence will be doing the same, now that he knows about ALEC.

I was very happy that Lawrence played this Cuentame clip about private prisons targeting immigrants.

I’ve blogged about how ALEC was behind SB1070, something that was picked up by NPR last summer but didn’t get much traction because everyone was more interested in the Kris Kobach/Russell Pearce white nationalist connection. There was definitely a racist element to the creation of SB1070 but it was never an either/or thing. Kobach and Russell Pearce et al., are bigots AND corporate tools. It’s not like those have to be mutually exclusive things but political observers in Arizona acted like nothing else was possible. This is why the major role ALEC and Corrections Corporation of America played in SB1070 was dismissed because “Russell Pearce has always been an anti-immigrant demagogue!” It never occurred the Serious People in Arizona politics that corporations could be colluding with nativists to pass a law that would ensure a sweeping GOP victory while providing the private prison industry with a steady stream of inmates. It never occurred to the Serious Arizona Political People that those corporate interests might pick a guy like Russell Pearce to advance a potential gravy train for the private prison industry just because he is known to be an anti-immigrant crusader.


  1. Comment by falcon9 on May 22, 2011 2:55 pm

    Russell Pearce reduced our murder rates by 50%, rape by over 20%, failure to insure claims by over 10%, our welfare population by over 10% and all you can do, is accuse him of is racism.

    Thank you Russell.

  2. Comment by Truth08 on May 31, 2011 7:29 pm

    Murder rates not dropped by 50%, in fact in the City of Phx alone, there were 348 murders last year. Less than 3% committed by immigrants..

    Rape by over 10%, please post your stats to back this claim (Lie) ..

    Failure to insure..?…Really is there even a groups that monitors this..?

    Lastly, he is a ‘racist’, like or not.. When you forward ‘racist’ emails, knowingly.. Have also associated with well known racists, and anti-Semites, and welcome them into your home.. On top of having racist letters read on the Senate floor by Lori Klein..?

    I would say it would fall under ‘racist’.. You think..?


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