My Democratic district meeting was packed!

07 Feb 2017 10:59 pm
Posted by: Donna

I was told the total number of attendees was about 160, so maybe not quite a triplefold increase but more than twice our usual number.

I’ve lived in Arizona Legislative District 28 since 2010 and have attended many, if not most of, the monthly meetings, which are the first Tuesday of the month the whole year except for December when we have our holiday potluck. Pulling up to the police substation where we hold our meetings in the conference room Tuesday night, expecting a district meeting no different than the many I’ve been to in the past, I saw there were a lot of cars, filling the parking lot and along both sides of the street. I figured there must be some other kind of community event going on.

After finally getting a spot on the street, I got to the meeting just as it was starting and it quickly became clear to me our meeting was the main event drawing all the traffic. I could not get into the largish conference room. There were so many people at the meeting (more than half newcomers according to the sign-in sheet) many of us had to stand in the station’s foyer area, where we strained to hear the speakers.

Was it the DeVos confirmation? A culmination of Trump outrages? Probably both, and several people raised their hands when asked if they found out about our meeting from the Indivisible project.

Whatever is spurring it, LD28 was not the only district to see an influx of new faces. LD17 is in the GOP-dominated East Valley region of metro Phoenix.

It begins.

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