My response to a guy who calls himself “me” deserves a post of it’s own

18 Apr 2008 01:04 pm
Posted by: Donna

So this random dude read my post on Sheriff Joe and decided to set me straight on why hassling orange vendors and landscapers is vitally important to homeland security.

Comment by me on April 17, 2008 1:39 am

I think that Sheriff Joe is doing an amazing job.. He is doing the job that all the police chiefs in the county should be doing. I was a Dem untill just a couple of weeks ago and I tell you the number one reason I left the party is becasue of the illigals problem.. I just see Dems wanting to let these law breakers in…
I am so fed up with the racial profilling argument, these people broke the law and they deserve to be sent home.
It makes me laugh when I see people call him Hitler etc… And all the fools who protest against the deputies these men are just doing thre job.. The Pro illigal wing is putting these police mens lives at risk… I say GO JOE GO

Well hello, You.  Thanks for sharing.  And I truly believe “you” were a Democrat until just recently.  In fact, I find your poorly spelled missive so convincing that I’m now considering renouncing my party status to become a slavering Joe Arpaio acolyte just like you, You, and Lou Dobbs.

Or not. 

Anyway, You, have you ever given any thought to what might happen if, having successfully driven all the poor funny-accented brown people out of your midst, your life didn’t magically improve?  What then?  Who would get to take the blame for your problems and your massive sense disappointment in your life?   The Jews?  The blacks?  Gays?  Episcopalians? 

You see, You, that’s how scapegoating works.  There’s always some marginalized group that the people in charge can point the finger at, while stealing you, You, blind. It’s so painfully obvious and yet so many will go along with it, like sheep herded over the edge of a cliff. That’s how it’s always worked. And that’s why some people compare Sheriff Joe to Hitler.

Just thought You’d like to know.

Bye for now.



  1. Comment by me on April 18, 2008 10:36 pm

    Thanks so much for taking notice of my post. I never thought there would be any kind of reply. So I am very thankful you took the time to read what I had to say.
    First I must admit I am not the greatest speller in the world never have been and my guess is I never will be, and if you find it necessary to attack me for that then I am fine with it.
    I never once said that I was going to set you straight on why hassling orange vendors and landscapers is vitally important to homeland security. All I was trying to do was give another point of view that maybe some people believe what the sheriff is doing is a good thing. (but it seems I cannot do that here without being portrayed as a fool) Its clear that a VERY LARGE number of people in this Country feel we need to do something about this issue, and many many people in Maricopa County agree with the Sheriff.

    And yes I was a member of the Democratic Party until two weeks ago, that’s where I found your blog on the Maricopa County Dems web Site.

    I also must take issue with what you wrote here:

    have you ever given any thought to what might happen if, having successfully driven all the poor funny-accented brown people out of your midst, your life didn’t magically improve? What then? Who would get to take the blame for your problems and your massive sense disappointment in your life? The Jews? The blacks? Gays? Episcopalians?

    How do you know that I am not a funny-accented brown person(one that came here the correct way) or a Jew, black, gay or Episcopalian??


    I thought that maybe I would have been able to post my opposing thoughts on your blog, but I guess I was wrong you needed for some reason to attack me and make me look like the fool.. I am ok with that and I have learned my lesson that opposing viewpoints are not wanted here.. That does sadden me because I thought it was only Republicans that were so close minded!! There is another reason I became a Independent it seems the Democratic Party both here in AZ and the National Party have become just like the Republicans

    Thanks for your time…

  2. Comment by Donna on April 18, 2008 11:16 pm

    Hello You, thanks for responding. I I predicted that you would suggest that you yourself were a member of some minority. Notice that I never suggested you weren’t. The anonymity of the internet allows you to adopt any identity you want. So you can pretend to be a gay, African American Jew. Who happens to be *really* peeved about those durn illegal immigrants. Whatever trips your trigger. I’m well aware that scapegoating isn’t the exclusive province of people who look like Russell Pearce so your attempt at a “gotcha” fails.

    You still haven’t addressed the point of my post. Which was that if driving all the “illigals” out of the country didn’t make your life a heaven on earth, with puppies and ponies and rainbows and free parking for everyone, there might be another convenient marginalized group that will fill the void. Or maybe you, You, might find yourself a member of that scapegoated group.

    Ya never know.


  3. Comment by admin on April 19, 2008 8:42 am

    Not to deter from the discussion, but I do want you to know that we welcome all viewpoints. I moderate the comments, but I approve every non-spam comment, regardless of content.

    – Krista

  4. Comment by me on April 20, 2008 3:06 pm

    I never once suggested that by sending all the illegal’s home my life would be Heaven on Earth, I have been around far too long to think we could ever have such a great place as Heaven here on Earth. My life is about as close to perfect as you can have, I do not have any troubles and sending them home will have no effect on the quality of my life.

    See the reason I think they need to go home is because they broke the law when they came here.. There are many many people back in their home Countries who are going about it the correct way and these LAW breakers are sitting here laughing at them!! That is WRONG..

    I am a first Generation American, my parents came here the correct way, and when they went to become US Citizens were almost sent back home.. Even after being in this Country for many years.. THen I have to hear people say oh just make all these Law Breaking illegal’s citizens or residents?? See this hits home for me and I feel for all the people like my parents who did it the right way.

    I believe MOST people who are against illegal’s are not just looking to make life Heaven on Earth as you like to say, but are against them because they BROKE THE LAW.

    I do not see how these people are being scapegoated. They are the one’s who are responsible for what has happened.. Are you suggesting that someone else should be blamed for them being here illegally??

    I also am not a huge fan of Sheriff Joe, I just believe he is doing the correct thing.. and Lou Dobbs is doing a outstanding service to this Country by keeping illegals in the news.. Who knows maybe Lou and Joe can form a Independent Presidential ticket… I bet you they would win in a LANDSLIDE over any one who is running at this time.

    A side note Thanks to Krista for clearing the air on opposing viewpoints being allowed here, I was starting to think it was a Republican blog!!

    Cheers to you also

  5. Comment by Donna on April 20, 2008 6:49 pm

    Oy vey, You.



  6. Comment by me on April 20, 2008 8:31 pm

    Why Oy vey? I suppose you dont believe any of what I said again.. Becasue of course I would make all that up just because I am some racist who does not like brown people!!

    See there is nothing you can say to me because you know that these people need to return to their home Countries!!

    I guess there is no point in trying to engage you in a discussion because you just want me to say OH the poor illegal’s they work so hard why dont we just let them stay..

    Well that will never happen because of all the reasons I gave above SORRY but that’s the way I feel

    I guess I was still coming to the Democratic Party website becasue I was trying to see if I still fit in, but I tell you I now know that this Party has moved away from my beliefs.(That saddens me) But I know that I made the correct decision to become Independent.

    Thanks for you time

  7. Comment by Jim on April 21, 2008 9:39 am

    The reality is not that the party has moved away from your beliefs. It is that your beliefs have moved away from the party, and that unfortunately you now seem to be a “single issue voter”.

  8. Comment by Krista on April 21, 2008 11:31 pm

    Me, I’m not trying to pick on you but am interested in this discussion :)

    I try to look at issues from different perspectives, and there are some perspectives that I just can’t understand. For instance, there’s this focus on undocumented migrants breaking the law. I’m not saying that’s okay, but I do wonder how law abiding people who use that argument are. Do you ever go over the speed limit when you’re driving? Or maybe run or roll through a stop sign? I imagine that even the most well-intentioned of us have probably broken a law or two. Again, I’m not condoning undocumented immigrants. I realize my speeding analogy is not quite the same caliber, but it does make me think of the statement, “Let the person who has no sin on his/her conscience throw the first stone.”

    Also, you mentioned wanting people to come over the “right way” because it’s what your parents did. This argument is very similar to the “well, I didn’t have help (financial aide/food stamps/fill in your favorite govt program here), and I turned out okay” argument. But I think what Democrats would like to see is a more streamlined process, one that wouldn’t have almost gotten your parents sent back home. You’re correct that there’s a “right way,” but the problem here is that it’s not working. I don’t believe we should hold all immigrants to the standards someone might have been held to in the past, not because we should give amnesty or reward bad behavior, but because we’re evolving, and the process should evolve as we do.

    Those are just a few of my late night thoughts on the subject :)

  9. Comment by Eli_Blake on April 24, 2008 8:11 am

    Just a comment here:

    It’s been four months since the new hiring law went into effect and sent a lot of undocumented immigrants packing to Mexico, or to other states.

    So is life in Arizona just a big bouquet of roses as a result?

    Not hardly. Our economy sucks, far worse than it does in surrounding states. True a lot of it is due to the housing crisis, but with several hundred additional homes being dumped into the market by undocumented immigrants who were living here and making their payments, that certainly hasn’t helped. And *without* providing all those services to undocumented immigrants who have since left with their families (or collecting the taxes they aren’t now paying, of course) we see that the state is set to run about a two billion deficit next year (and all the band-aids were pretty much used up in last week’s budget deal.) Bankruptcies are running at a record high in Arizona and a lot of businesses are seeing a sales slump. Not coincidentally a lot of their former customers are also gone.

    So you’ve had your way on illegals for four months, and whatever utopia you thought we’d get, you haven’t (and I’m willing to admit that when the employer sanctions law was enacted I actually thought it would be a relatively humane way to deal with the problem–and I’m willing to admit that I was dead wrong about that.)

  10. Comment by me on April 27, 2008 9:10 pm

    I do believe that my views have somewhat moved away from the Democratic Party, but I also believe that the Party has moved away from me also, and No I do not believe I am a single issue voter there are other issues with the Party that I have and that caused me to leave.

    Krista, thanks for your comments that’s all I have been looking for is a little back and forth on the issue, not just blasting me becasue I differ from what you believe. I do have different feelings then you on the subject of Illegal’s but you made some good points and I will agree to disagree with you.

    I am not sure why everyone seems to think that I believe sending illegel’s home will somehow bring Utopia or Heaven on Earth to the US or Arizona. I have NEVER once said that. All I have said is I believe that ILLEGAL’S should return to their Countries, and I believe Sheriff Joe is doing the correct thing. I have been called a Sheriff Joe lover me and Lou Dobbs, I can tell you thats far from the truth, but I will be voting for him come Nov.

    All I ever wanted was a good back and forth on the issue, and it now appears we have that


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