New GOP entrant into the AZ Governor’s race

09 Aug 2013 01:03 pm
Posted by: Donna

The Arizona Capitol Times reports (yeah I know, behind a paywall, yada yada, but I pay for the damn subscription so I’m gonna quote from it when I need to) that Christine Jones, GoDaddy’s former general counsel, has announced her candidacy in the GOP primary for AZ Governor.

Jones, who resigned as GoDaddy’s general counsel and executive vice president last year, told the Arizona Capitol Times that she will file paperwork for the 2014 governor’s race in the “immediate future,” likely in mid-to-late August. Jones is already putting a campaign team together and plans to hire Brian Seitchik, a GOP campaign operative who has worked in California, Florida and Ohio, to manage her race.

“I took a fair amount of time to carefully consider whether to do this. And having traveled the state and talked to people from all four of the corners, it’s clear to me that Arizona can use the type of leadership that I hope to offer,” Jones said.

During her decade-long tenure with GoDaddy, Jones testified numerous times before Congress on a wide range of issues, including intellectual property, online exploitation of children, online pharmacies, the international governance of the Internet, Chinese Internet censorship and the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, which GoDaddy originally supported but later opposed. In January, she founded the Arizona Research Project, a nonprofit established to “identify issues of importance to voters” so they can engage their legislators and help shape policy.

When I googled Jones the only info I could find on her beyond her business credentials was her leadership of the Arizona Research Project. Jones may turn out to be a stealth right winger, AKA Amiable Wingnut, but I can only base my initial impression of her politics off of the Project’s website. The articles on it are mainly focused on the need to increase voter turnout in primaries, among all party IDs and interest groups. Taking that at face value (and I have no reason at this time to do anything but that) a picture emerges of Jones as someone who is genuinely interested in good governance and broad civic participation. She may see herself as someone who can reform the Republican Party from within. We all know how well that’s worked out for others who have tried it.

Assuming that assessment is correct and Jones eschews pandering to the Glennbeckistani contingent in her campaign, I don’t see her going anywhere in her primary. Because if there’s anything the GOP is not interested in encouraging, it’s higher turnout in elections, particularly among groups not known for voting Republican. If Jones becomes a “voice of conscience and reasonableness” that pleases centrist Arizona establishment types, she’ll be Kryptonite to the GOP base. But again, I caution that we don’t know what her stances on various issues are yet to determine where she’ll fit in the Republican primary field.


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on August 10, 2013 9:52 pm

    Pfft, Google-Fu is cats work.

    First off she’s running for Republican office in AZ. Which of courseans she will have to race to the bottom of the right wing toilet bowl to get anywhere.

    Thirdly she’s already been there.

    Christine Jones will be speaking Wednesday evening May 8 at our GrassRoots Tea Party Activists meeting held at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 5161 W Thunderbird Rd, Glendale, Arizona.

    We just heard her speak for the 2nd time Friday evening at the Deer Valley Tea Party facilitated by Mike Davis a great patriot, a great friend and mentor. She was able to expand on her topic/subject matter more than her speaking at our Legislative District 20 meeting last month.

    We at the GrassRoots Tea Party are very excited to have Christine join us Wednesday night to speak. She is one heck of a dynamic speaker and lays it all on the line as to what we all need to do and how there is hope to keep Arizona RED and not fall into the hands of the Liberals/Progressive Socialists. She will definitely get you on fire.

    Just another GOP winger “moderate” hustler swirling around the tea party bowl to fire up the bored yayhoos and get the howler monkees going to drown out debate.

    I’ll put on a haz-mat suit and see if there is more.


  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on August 10, 2013 9:56 pm



  3. Comment by Donna on August 10, 2013 10:11 pm

    So I looked back on her Twitter timeline and learned that she doesn’t know the Onion is satirical.

  4. Comment by Timmys Cat on August 10, 2013 10:47 pm

    What a maroon.

    Humor is a liberal conspiracy to make wingers look bad.

  5. Comment by Mike Slater on August 11, 2013 1:11 pm

    Groups not known for voting Republican. You must mean the poor and minorities that somehow have a problem with voter ID laws.

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