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27 Jun 2010 05:55 pm
Posted by: Donna

Isn’t this cozy?

A little over a week after Pearce introduced S.B. 1070 on the floor of the Arizona Senate, CCA enlisted Highground Consulting, one of the most influential lobbying firms in Phoenix, to represent its interests in the state. Lobby disclosure forms filed with the Arizona Secretary of State indicate that Maricopa County also employed Highground during the time of the bill’s formation. Highground’s owner and principal, Charles “Chuck” Coughlin, is a top advisor and the current campaign manager of Gov. Brewer.

State lobby reports show that Brewer’s current spokesman, Senseman, previously worked as CCA’s chief lobbyist in Arizona as an employee of Policy Development Group, another influential Phoenix consulting firm. His wife, Kathryn Senseman, is still employed by Policy Development Group and still lobbies the legislature on behalf of CCA.

In other words, in 2005 and 2006, as Arizona legislators—many of them ALEC members—were drafting provisions of what would eventually become the “Breathing While Brown” law, Brewer’s director of communications, Senseman, was lobbying them on behalf of CCA.

H/T to my friend Diane for alerting me to this companion to the recent In These Times article I posted. Anticipating the inevitable compassionate response of the nativist horde – So what? They’re illegal! They belong in jail! – I will make note of a couple of things:

1. Assuming SB1070 stands and results in mass arrests and incarcerations of immigrants in these private prisons, who is going to pay for that? I’ll give you one guess. Starts with T and ends in “payers”.

2. You want the undocumented immigrants to leave, right? So let’s think about this for a sec. Here’s an industry (private prisons) that stands to profit from a steady stream of “customers”. That industry has strong ties with the legislator who was the chief architect of SB1070 and the Governor who signed it. Do you honestly believe they have a true incentive to stop illegal immigration now? Where would the profit be in that?

Also from the article:

Brewer’s “chief policy advisor,” Richard Bark—a man Senseman and Pearce both say was directly involved in the drafting of S.B. 1070—remains listed with the Office of the Secretary of State as an active lobbyist for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). CCA is a “board level” member of the ACCI and is the top employer in Pinal County, located just south of Maricopa County, where it operates five detention facilities for both state prisoners and immigrant detainees.

Would this be the same Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry that just endorsed Jan Brewer, along with a host of other pro-SB1070 candidates? Why, I believe it is.


  1. Comment by Diane D'Angelo on June 27, 2010 8:07 pm

    I wonder how much said private prison companies are donating to the campaigns of Brewer, Pearce, Kavanaugh, et al. I wonder who in AZ owns stock in these companies if they’re publicly traded . I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. The smell of rat is overwhelming……

  2. Comment by steve cearfoss on June 28, 2010 2:01 pm

    Always identify an acronym by spelling it out first, i.e., Canadian Cannibal Association, then put the acronym itself in parentheses (CCA) and use the acronym throughout the story. Journalism 101.

  3. Comment by Donna on June 28, 2010 5:52 pm

    I’m not a journalist, Steve, but your point is well made. I should spell out the acronym in parentheses so people don’t have to click to another page to find out what I’m talking about.

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