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16 May 2011 07:15 pm
Posted by: Donna

Seriously, Doug MacEachern.

His last four posts have been about TUSD Ethnic Studies. Actually 6 of his last 10 have been about it. They’ve gotten increasingly frantic, the latest featuring MacEachern hyperventilating and pearl clutching about Dr. Ward Churchill being in attendance at the April 26th meeting.

The claim that the raucous April 26 incident was entirely perpetrated by “young people” is getting more and more ludicrous. Churchill did not simply happen to be in Tucson that day. Pima County public defender Isabel Garcia, a Tucson political activist, can be seen and heard earlier in the video linked above scolding the hapless TUSD security officer for trying to keep the young people from occupying the dias. Garcia didn’t just happen to be at the meeting either.

Prior to the April 26 incident, the young people’s group, UNIDOS, received at least $1,500 in funding from the University of Arizona Department of Mexican American Studies, which employs MAS professor Roberto Rodriguez, who appears in numerous videos at TUSD board meetings when the ethnic-studies program is discussed. Witnesses at the meetings claim they see Rodriguez effectively shepherding young people like the UNIDOS kids at the meetings, instructing them on their scripted messages. Further, Rodriguez himself is regularly unavoidable for comment to local TV news reporters following board meetings.

Dude, take a cleansing breath, will ya? If you want your elderly Republican readers in Maricopa County to be worried about unruly La Raza commie instigators in Tucson you’re going to have to slow it down.

But you know who the real victim in all this is? That’s right, Sal DiCiccio. Poor Councilman DiCiccio has only rated one breathless Doug MacEachern diatribe about his sketchy claims of being the target of threats by “union thugs”. Too bad for Sal that Doug’s too busy helping his BFF Superintendent Huppenthal right now.

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