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20 Feb 2009 06:41 pm
Posted by: Donna

Someone sent me an email of a youtube they made of people of various ages reading a meandering nonsensical answer Gov. Brewer gave to a question put to her by a KJZZ listener.   I’m going to just post the link because embedding the video requires me to change my rich text editing status and I’m too lazy to do that right now so here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43rzuxpyesU

I’m not inclined to be too rough on our new Governor because it was kind of a hinky question and she hasn’t had long enough to develop the ease that Gov. Napolitano had in the radio studio.  Janet was a whiz on her weekly radio spots – poised, funny, and able to hold her own with the most obstreperous callers.   Still, it’s probable from the wording of the query asked of Gov. Brewer that the person asking was a supporter.  He asked what he could do as a small business owner to participate in the recovery.  He asked not what Arizona could do for him, but what he could do for Arizona.   For whatever reason, she was flummoxed by this. 

It’s curious that Brewer doesn’t have some boilerplate bromide about small businesses being the backbone of the community down pat by now*.   Honestly, it’s right up there with being for “good schools” or “tough on crime”.    Maybe she was searching for a real answer and was coming up blank.  I sure don’t know what the hell a small business owner is supposed to do in the current business climate, in a state run by politicians who gladly place their (and our) necks under the boots of a cult of anti-tax weirdos.  

My advice to Brewer, should this situation arise again, is this:   Governor, imagine you were a small business owner (you claim to be one and maybe you are, or were, but you’re the Governor of Arizona right now so this is a hypothetical exercise).  Imagine you were putting in long days and staying up late at night wondering how you were going to make payroll, your mortgage, and your health insurance premiums.   Think about it long and hard.  Let it sink in.  Ask yourself what kind of policies you would support.  Ask yourself what state programs (many of which are vital to small business owners) you would want to see cut.  Ask yourself if you’d think Arizona should take the Federal stimulus money, if you were a struggling small business owner.  Then take a good, long look at your advisers and the GOP leadership and ask yourself if these are the people who are really looking out for you, if you were a small business owner in Arizona.   That might clear things up for you.      

On edit:  My bad.  She did make a reference to small business being the backbone of Arizona.   But she still doesn’t have it down pat yet.

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