Oh yeah? Well we’re rubber and you’re glue

13 May 2009 11:47 am
Posted by: Donna

I thought it was joke when I read this in Politico this morning but apparently it’s not. The RNC is calling a super duper double-secret-probation AND decoder ring extra special session to…rename the Democratic Party the “Democrat Socialist Party”.

What’s more, the mature adults of the RNC don’t care what their Chair, Micheal Steele, thinks of it, on account of he’s a doodyhead.

When I asked if such a resolution would force RNC Chairman Michael Steele to use that label when talking about Democrats in all his speeches and press releases, the RNC member replied: “Who cares?”

Which pretty much sums up the attitude some members of the RNC have toward their chairman these days.

Yeah, who cares! That’s the spirit, RNC members.

Steele didn’t want the special session to be held at all. The RNC will hold its regular summer meeting in July, and all matters could have waited until then. But the special session is being viewed by some in the party as a “comeuppance” for Steele and an implied criticism of his performance and behavior in his first 100 days in office.

Hey wait a sec, if they’re mad at Steele why don’t they have a super duper special meeting to depose him, or at least declare him officially a doodyhead, instead of launching this dumb attack on Democrats? Sheesh, is absolutely nothing their fault? Look Republicans, we didn’t vote for him as Chair, you guys did. Surprised y’all aren’t trying to blame ACORN.

Anyhow, it’ll be fun to see how the DNC will mock this.

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  1. Comment by native on May 14, 2009 1:30 pm

    Republican Jihad!!!
    Can we rename them the Jihad Republic Party? I never thought I could feel sorry for Mr. Steele, a scapegoat, and still don’t.

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