On blaming atheists for tragedies

27 Dec 2012 11:06 pm
Posted by: Donna

Once again, prominent religious gasbags like James Dobson and Bryan Fischer (among others) are using a horrific mass murder, in this case the Newtown school shooting, to bash and marginalize non-theists. Former evangelist Frank Schaeffer called them out on it in a scathing piece that appeared in Alternet and Salon.

All that was needed to make the national tragedy of the killing of 20 children and 6 adults into an anti-God kick in Jesus’ teeth fest was for the usual suspects who hate Jesus to step up to defame His Name again. Of course I’m talking about the “Christian” leaders who can be counted on to drag the name of Christ through the mud at every profitable fundraising importunity. Christian leaders say that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was the result of our national falling away from fundamentalist Protestant gullibility.

The idiots — religious village idiots that is — are at it again. I thought Dobson was dead but I guess not. He’s just retired. He’s still alive enough to act like the zombie-for-Jesus’-younger-dumber-brother he is.(I went on his show 3 times back in the day when I too was part of the religious idiots club.) Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association hate host talk-show host, and Franklin-sell-my-soul-to-the-Mormons-because -I-hate-Obama-so-much-Graham (of course), the president and CEO of the tax-exempt Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was not to be outdone.

Village idiots they may be but they enjoy a certain amount of power and influence and they are desperately trying to hold onto it. These right wing theocrats see the writing on the wall: Religion is on the wane in America. Which is not to say organized religion is on the way out anytime soon but the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans is growing. Churches are steadily losing their cultural hegemony and the more authoritarian among their leaders are really panicking about it. At this point they’re not only arguing that religion is essential to the development of morality, but they’re also claiming that God is allowing innocent Americans to be murdered because of what other Americans choose to believe or not to believe. Here’s American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer (from the first link):

The question is going to come up, where was God? I though God cared about the little children. God protects the little children. Where was God when all this went down. Here’s the bottom line, God is not going to go where he is not wanted.

Now we have spent since 1962 — we’re 50 years into this now–we have spent 50 years telling God to get lost, telling God we do not want you in our schools, we don’t want to pray to you in our schools, we do not want to pray to your before football games, we don’t want to pray to you at graduations, we don’t want anybody talking about you in a graduation speech…

In 1962 we kicked prayer out of the schools. In 1963 we kicked God’s word out of ours schools. In 1980 we kicked the Ten Commandments out of our schools. We’ve kicked God out of our public school system. And I think God would say to us, ‘Hey, I’ll be glad to protect your children, but you’ve got to invite me back into your world first. I’m not going to go where I’m not wanted. I am a gentlemen.”

I should think most people’s conception of a gentleman would include, as a bare minimum, not standing by as children are slaughtered when he could easily stop that from happening. So these guys aren’t exactly the best emissaries of religion to the un-churched. But what these clerics are doing, in their last-ditch effort to remain relevant, is instigating religious zealots in violence toward atheists.


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on December 28, 2012 9:48 pm

    O man!
    Does that mean we also need a priest in every school to head off a massacre?
    Okokokokok!!!!!!! I got an even better idea!

    A NUN WITH A GUN!!!!!!

    THINK ABOUT IT!111 You could get a twofer on the cheap like Tom (thinks with his) Horne brilliantly wants to do.

    Here’s the bottom line, God is not going to go where he is not wanted.

    Soooooo, according to this paragon of Christianity, God is a petulant beeyotch who won’t go were He’s not liked.
    Makes me wonder of the mindset of someone who channels what God thinks and what His modus-operandi is.
    I think that may be one of the reasons so many are turning away from the church. Too many opportunistically craven individuals who think God is a rightwing supporter.

    My interpretation of Jesus is that he was a rather socially liberal man who was deemed a revolutionary because he threatened the status quo of the powers that be. If He had been a rightwinger he would have supported the Romans and the religious hierarchy they tolerated. I doubt there would have been a cruxifiction.

    Since these idjits seem to want to find blame , let’s blame the people that all the recent high profile massacres have in common.
    White men.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on December 28, 2012 10:10 pm

    You’ll have to pry my Atheist from my cold dead hands?

  3. Comment by Mike Slater on December 29, 2012 2:12 pm

    Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on crazy people.

  4. Comment by Alan Scott on December 30, 2012 12:45 pm

    Where do you get that anyone is inciting violence against Atheists ? Talk about a group with a persecution complex .

  5. Comment by Donna on January 1, 2013 4:18 pm

    Yes, someone blaming us for atrocities is inciting violence against us.

  6. Comment by Michael Powers on January 2, 2013 6:54 am

    History has repeatedly shown what kind of violence people are capable of when they believe it to be the will of their god.

    Were it not for the secular nature of our government, and the wisdom of those in the beginning, the same kind of violence so common in the Middle East, would happen here. Packaged and branded a little differently, of course, but no less heinous.

  7. Comment by Timmys Cat on January 2, 2013 9:53 am


    Bulverism is a logical fallacy in which, rather than proving that an argument in favour of an opinion is wrong, a person instead assumes that the opinion is wrong, and then goes on to explain why the other person held it.

  8. Comment by Alan Scott on January 3, 2013 8:09 pm

    Donna ,

    By your impeccable logic then, a whole bunch of people are inciting violence against the NRA .

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