Please don’t make the religious bigot bill look like a “both sides” thing

21 Feb 2014 01:37 pm
Posted by: Donna

Opponents of SB1062, the bill that could basically allow any form of discrimination so long as it was “sincerely religious” are planning to amass at the Capitol today to protest this outrage and encourage the Governor to veto it.

Several of these signs will be available at the rally, and some have already been spotted on shop windows throughout the state.

Cute, but not truthful, in the sense that it wasn’t “Arizona Legislators” who passed the bill. It was Arizona Republican legislators who did. Not one Democrat voted for it, and several Democratic legislators took to the floor to make impassioned pleas against it. Blaming “the Legislature” as a whole for this is rather like President Obama’s maddening habit of citing “Congress” as the cause of the gridlock in DC rather than putting the blame on the obstructionist Republicans where it belongs. When the entire body is implicated there’s no real penalty to the bad actors within it. Furthermore, it puts Demion Clinco, the Dem Representative from Tucson who opposed the bill and spoke of his own experience being bullied for being gay, in league with the likes of John Kavanagh. Those two Arizona Legislators are worlds apart on this issue but you wouldn’t know it from that sign.

Honestly, it’s okay to identify the Republicans publicly as the problem, and long past time. Yes, I know that some of you know some very nice moderate Republicans who are your neighbors, or in the Valley League of the Pillars of the Community or whatever with you, and those Republicans are simply appalled by this bill and are for LGBT equality and all that. That’s awesome, and you know what? Those Republicans are big boys and girls and they can handle having Republican legislators called out – as Republicans – for their unacceptable actions. And quite frankly, I’m kind of done with making anyone who continues to vote Republican in this state feel comfortable in doing so.

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