Pobrecito, Buz Mills.

24 May 2010 12:53 am
Posted by: Donna

It’s safe to say that Buz Mills destroyed his chances at winning the GOP primary with his embarrassing performance on Sunday Square Off. First, he floundered when Brahm Resnik pressed him about school funding and the ratio of teachers to “administrators”. Poor Buz clearly did not expect Brahm to bust out with the stats to put the lie to the Goldwater talking points he’d been fed and he did not have a plan B. Quel dommage

He’d have been okay had that been his only fumble. Republican primary voters aren’t particularly concerned with factual challenges to anti-tax dogma. Where he did himself in was when the topic was immigration and he told Resnik he wouldn’t have signed Arizona’s 2007 employer sanctions law.

“I don’t like business being the tax collector, and I don’t like them being the policeman,” Mills said. He said the costs of enforcing employer sanctions were being passed on to consumers and making Arizona less competitive.

Oh my.

See, your more savvy Arizona conservatives know how to dodge the question of holding the illegal employers accountable when it arises. “It’s so gosh darn hard to prove that employers are ‘knowingly’ hiring illegals!” This is their handy explanation for why the so-called “toughest employer sanctions law in the nation” hasn’t done diddly squat to stop companies in Arizona from hiring undocumented workers or to punish them when they do. Seriously, watch how quickly your typical conservative politician or pundit pivots the conversation back to bashing the immigrants when the subject of employers comes up. They expect that no one follows up by asking them why the majority of Arizona employers are not signed up with e-Verify (though the law requires that they do so) or why prosecutors cannot subpoena employers’ records (stripped out of the employer sanctions law and from SB1070 in a deal cut with the Chamber of Commerce in return for their silence on it). Basically, we’re relying on the employers themselves to volunteer that they’ve hired undocumented workers. Oddly enough, they haven’t been very forthcoming. Think about every high profile Arpaio raid of a workplace that has happened in the past few years. Think about how you NEVER hear about what happens to the employers. Because nothing happens to them.

Poor Buz didn’t get the memo on all that. He kissed up to the Farm Bureau by objecting to the substance of the employer sanctions law, which opened him up to questions on that stance by Brahm Resnik. How tragic for him.

How instructive for the rest of us. The supporters of SB1070 crow about how 70% of Arizonans support that law. How would that same 70% of Arizonans respond to the knowledge that Arizona’s illegal employers are getting a free ride?


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on May 24, 2010 9:30 am

    HA! Mr. Resniks cat tail was twitching so hard, I don’t see how he kept a smirk off his face.. Poor ol’ Buzz “Bomb” Mills (R-Babble) tried to use his best Gooper harumph-harumph-harumph voice to show his stats. Resnik saw this coming from a mile away and set the trap perfectly. More janitors than administrators!

    (i geuss we do have more than one)

  2. Comment by Truth08 on May 24, 2010 3:08 pm

    Though i believe he got trounced by Resnik, I still believe he did make a valid point ,of how a a business can’t run on a 1 to 1 ratio. He did not seem to figure in the janitors, and for whatever, reason, the rest of the staff required to run the schools?

    Maybe this is why they are NOT businesses and are funded by the public?

    I bet he wishes he could take that interview back!! (Palin from Az)

    Chalk another one up to Brahm and KPNX, for enlightening us over the weekend!! (S. Lite, had Sen Pearce, in the corner not to long ago as well)


  3. Comment by todd on May 24, 2010 8:24 pm

    I hope for the day when politicians understand that relying on the Goldwater Institute for your ‘facts’ might get you in a lot of trouble. This will only happen when we have a local media who take the time to find out the truth, as Resnick did.

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