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27 Jan 2010 04:04 pm
Posted by: Donna

WordPress doesn’t like me today.

Not only have two of my comments to Tedski’s blog been disappeared, but my response to Timmy’s Cat’s comment on last night’s post got eated too. It’s completely gone. Doesn’t even show up as spam. Whither my comments, WordPress?

Raul Grijalva is now under the dirty hippie bus.

Tedski’s post that I tried to comment to was about how Rep. Grijalva is being unfairly savaged by the Beltway liberal punditocracy for his opposition to the Senate health care bill. Matthew Spieler, card-carrying DC Villager and blogger for The Faster Times, who appears to be an Ezra Klein clone and looks to be about the same age (though I couldn’t find his DOB) laid into Raul Grijalva for, I kid you not, not upholding Democratic values.

More after the jumpety-jump.

Quoth Spieler:

When I registered to vote as an 18-year-old, it seemed to me that a belief in universal health care was central to “being a Democrat.” I still don’t see much point in being a registered independent — at least in states that have closed primaries. You simply disenfranchise yourself. But registering with a political party ought to be about more than maximizing your voting leverage. When you register with a party, you are making a moral statement — a statement about your core values and philosophy. Universal health care has always been the backbone of the Democratic domestic policy platform. This is why people who believe in universal health care tend to be Democrats.

Spieler incorrectly claimed that Grijalva enjoys the FEHB plan through Congress when, in fact, he opted out of it. Kudos to Ted for pointing that out in the comments section and on his own blog. Here’s my comment to Spieler:

Matthew, I am an Arizonan and though I don’t live in Grijalva’s district I can tell you that Raul is a great public servant and a profoundly decent man. You, on the other hand, strike me as interchangeable with any number of clueless elitist Villagers dispensing wisdom to us proles (whose lives you know exactly jack squat about) from on high.

Raul Grijalva represents a district that stretches across southern AZ from Nogales to Yuma, encompassing low income parts of Tucson and Phoenix, as well as a lot of poor rural communities. A lot of undocumented immigrants live in his district, and though they can’t vote, they are his constituents. The HCR bill, with it’s cruelly cynical exclusion of undocumented immigrants basically tells them to drop dead.

Now I’ll await the responses on how denying coverage to undocumented immigrants was politically necessary because shut up you dirty hippie.

Bipartisanship and cutting the deficit poll well. Mom and apple pie poll well too.

But if Mom’s an abusive alcoholic and you’re diabetic, then Mom and apple pie aren’t good for you. Along those lines, I predict we’ll hear much about the need for bipartisanship and to cut spending in the President’s speech tonight. And speaking of selectively interpreting polls, why is an empty hairdo with a truck getting elected in MA a sign that Democrats MUST MOVE TO THE RIGHT but an election in Oregon where voters chose to tax the rich and corporations by a wide margin is …election? What election in Oregon?

MoDo goes TMI on us again, while playing that same broken record

Obama’s Oneness has been one-upped. Why settle for a faux populist when we can have a real one? Why settle for gloomy populism when we can have sunny populism? Why settle for Ivy League cool when we can have Cosmo hot? Why settle for a professor who favors banks, pharmaceutical companies and profligate Democrats when we can have an Everyman who favors banks, pharmaceutical companies and profligate Republicans? Why settle for a 48-year-old, 6-foot-1, organic arugula when we can have a 50-year-old, 6-foot-2, double waffle with bacon?

Yick. The last time she was this gross was when she was salivating over GWB back in 2000. Different year, different phony rough-hewn Republican dude, same MoDo. And this is supposedly the NYT’s “liberal” columnist.

Another one to add to the IOKIYAR list. Espionage. Plus being locked up means you aren’t attending to your facebook fan page

Alas, wingnut hearts are breaking across the land as their young ACORN hidden camera pimpin’ hero has been arrested and faces serious charges. Naturally, the Right is doing its best to ignore or downplay James O’Keefe’s crimes as a “youthful prank”. Back in October, several GOP House members were so impressed with O’Keefe and his “investigative journalism” that they introduced a resolution to honor him and his “hooker” Hannah Giles. I’m going to give y’all two guesses as to who the two dunces from the AZ GOP delegation who signed onto it were. (Hint: Jeff Flake is way too smart for something like that.)

For some pre-SOTU entertainment I highly recommend O’Keefe’s facebook fan page. It has been, shall we say, infiltrated.

Toodles! Catch y’all apres SOTU.


  1. Comment by Elizabeth Rogers on January 27, 2010 5:23 pm

    Read the last link I posted on Facebook Donna and then read the study the guy links to.


  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on January 28, 2010 9:59 am

    Oooo, claws are out. I like!
    It’s best to remind these twits that a lions and tigers are kittys too.

    Ok, since Grijalva is trying to protect his constituents, lets obfuscate and blame his health insurance. WTF?

    Modo is coasting. That bulb has been dimming for years.

    i believe i’ve said it before, but it’s cockroach politics. Goopers run to the latest “treat”, but when the light gets turned on, they scuttle for cover.

    Ha! O’bama was po’d last night. He was obviously fed up. I loved the “to lead” line. Seeing the stone faced Repubs reminded me of the the staff of Gov Lepetomane in Blazing Saddles.
    “Harumph, harumph, harumph!”

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