Ran into a state legislator while shopping tonight

15 Feb 2011 10:53 pm
Posted by: Donna

Mark and I chatted with her about the special session for the corporate tax cuts and the general mood among Dem lawmakers. Most of what she told us wasn’t surprising: Everything the GOP majority is doing is to advance their drown-the-government ideology under the fig leaf of “job creation”. She said her Republican counterparts at the Capitol treat all government spending on social services as unnecessary welfare that should be abolished.

Oh yeah, there was that one thing about Rep. Carl Seel (R – Moon Valley).

carl seel

Seems he has a hi-larious nickname for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as the health care reform bill. Oba-caca. It’s supposed to be a portmanteau of Obamacare and caca. I know, it’s a kneeslapper. And some pretty unsubtle dog whistling too. Seel was using the charming expression in committee so often they had to institute a policy that legislators are required to call things by their proper names.


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  2. Comment by Tom Prezelski on February 17, 2011 5:06 am

    The last time I checked, “caca” is profanity (though admittedly very mild profanity) in Spanish. Does this imply that it is okay to cuss in committee or even on the floor as long as it is in Spanish? Kinda puts a new spin on the whole wacky nativist thing.

  3. Comment by Glenn-Wynn:Jared±Beck® on March 5, 2011 2:07 pm

    Who voted for a guy named Caca Seel? And who is he mooning in moon valley?

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