Read this now about the Second Amendment!

17 Jun 2016 02:18 am
Posted by: Donna

Read every bit of this Storify stream of tweets.

So that when you get that catch in your throat, where you feel like you have to nod your head and agree with the frothing white man before you that, yes, oh yes, the holy importance of the Second Amendment, you can then catch your breath and say, no. No, white man, your Second Amendment is, was, and always has been racist bullshit.

Stuck with it we may be for now, due to the difficulty of changing the Constitution, but there’s no reason whatsoever for reasonable people to worship this awful throwback from a time when white men were expected to participate in patrols to hunt down runaway slaves. And there’s no cause to accept that angry (for whatever reason) people should have unfettered access to weapons of mass destruction out of a misguided adherence to Constitutional purity.

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