Religious Right continues to be desperate for a “win” on pot

20 Sep 2016 03:21 am
Posted by: Donna

America’s Holy Warriors have suffered recent setbacks to their ongoing projects of oppressing LGBTQ citizens and depriving women of bodily autonomy due to recent court decisions, public outcry over bigoted laws, and even some progressive legislation Democrats have managed to pass.

Desperate for anything they can call a victory, and keep the donations flowing to their lucrative “educational organizations”, the God-botherers are focused like lasers on five states where marijuana legalization for recreational use will be on the ballot. I’ve noted in a previous post that I’m skeptical that having Cathi Herrod, Arizona’s preeminent purse-lipped fun sponge, at the forefront of the opposition to Prop 205 (AZ’s ballot measure to legalize pot) is going to move a lot of voters against it. I suspect Herrod, et al., are counting on the voices of those considered more mainstream who have come out against legalization to prevail come November, after which they will claim credit for the defeat.

But CAP did enlist William Bennett, former Education Secretary under Reagan, who made a career since then as a conservative demagogue known for inspiring the nation’s youth by having a huge gambling problem and claiming that if all African-American women aborted their pregnancies, the crime rate would go down. In an op-ed published Monday in the AZ Republic, Bennett regurgitated a Gish Gallop of anti-MJ talking points that have either been debunked or found to be difficult to prove.

One claim Bennett made was misleading and possibly dangerous:

Prop. 205 is sponsored by an organization calling itself the Marijuana Policy Project, which has a “Consume Responsibility” website. It instructs: “Edible marijuana products and some other infused products remain in your system several hours longer (than smoked marijuana), so you should not operate a vehicle for the rest of the day after consuming them.”

Nobody has ever had to advise anything like that with a glass of wine or beer. Today’s high-potency marijuana and pot edibles simply cannot be compared to alcohol as it is regularly consumed.

The implication in that statement is that driving after drinking is safer, that consumption of alcohol greater than “a glass of wine or beer” is atypical(!) and could not lead to a driving-while-impaired charge (untrue), and that pot use in general is more impairing than alcohol. To appreciate how badly Bennett is misleading readers, here is the full statement on driving from the MPP website:

Don’t consume and drive.

Never use marijuana while driving, and do not drive immediately after using it. Not only is it potentially dangerous, it is illegal and can result in serious penalties.

Similar to a 0.08 blood-alcohol limit, Colorado and Washington have established a legal limit of 5 ng/ml of THC in whole blood. Most consumers’ THC levels dissipate about one to two hours after smoking or vaporizing marijuana flowers, and it might take a little longer when consuming concentrates. Since it varies from person to person, you should wait at least three to four hours before driving a vehicle.

Edible marijuana products and some other infused products remain in your system several hours longer, so you should not operate a vehicle for the rest of the day after consuming them.

If you are not sure whether you are impaired or above the legal limit, do not drive!

The MPP people are telling you to err on the side of extreme caution in all cases of MJ use (as you should with alcohol!), but especially when you’ve used an edible with the potential of byproducts being in your system for up to a day. This is not because you are likely to be actually impaired for that long, but because you could be charged for it. It’s not the slightest bit surprising that the people behind legalizing marijuana are more invested in making it as safe as possible for all concerned than are the people equally invested in opposing legality, even if that means minimizing the danger of alcohol.

As people like Bill Bennett continue to object to legal weed on grounds that increasingly resemble nothing but puritanism, I continue to be reminded of their equally unhinged crusade against contraception and factual sex-ed. None of it is about the health or safety of the population. It’s about controlling us and denying us pleasure.

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  1. Comment by bob Regan on October 12, 2016 11:51 am

    ADRP, or as I call it “The Arizona Liars Club” has, from the start used junk science, half truths and outright lies in an attempt to further their agenda. they have made it perfectly clear that, to their narrow little minds, the ends justify the means. After all, they’re just “doing it for the kids” RIGHT?

    Problem is, “the kids” already know enough about cannabis to realize they’re being handed horseshit and told it’s a Hershey bar….So, maybe they’re thinking, “If they’re lying to us about pot, maybe they’re lying to us about meth and heroin and Oxy’s too.”.

    Unintended consequences of dishonesty?

    Then…..there’s the little matter of taking money from the alcohol industry and from a drug company that makes a deadly opiate (Fentanyl) in spray form to further their agenda which is, undeniably, THE EPITOME OF HYPOCRISY!

    Finally, I have to wonder if ARDP’s Bill Montgomery and Sheila Polk, were at a happy hour throwing back shots when their respective law schools were teaching ethics?

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